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Title Unnatural History

Description Very limited 4x clear vinyl Box set with a 34-pages booklet and insert with complete tracklisting and infos. Each record housed in a different coloured inner sleeve. Only 500 sets made.
A showcase of Coil's early days of Industrial / Avantgarde / Dark Ambient.
Compilation of rare trax, previously released on several 7inches, Tapes & CDs. Box, insert, booklet, sleeves.... Everything in excellent condition.
A1 Various Hands 3:26
A2 The Swelling Of Leeches 3:04
A3 The Pope Held Upside Down 3:41
A4 His Body Was A Playground For The Nazi Elite 3:28
A5 Hommage To Sewage 2:22
A6 Here To Here (Double Headed Secret) 4:51
A7 S Is For Sleep 3:26
B1 Dream Photography 3:22
B2 Comfortable 1:40
B3 Never 4:36
B4 Penetralia II 3:10
B5 Sicktone 3:22
B6 Red Weather 4:12
B7 Theme From "Blue" 1 2:21
C1 How To Destroy Angels 16:41
C2 Airborne Bells 5:20
D1 Another Brown World 11:41
D2 Contains A Disclaimer 7:34
D3 The Hellraiser Theme 2:47
D4 In Memory Of The Truth 2:57
E1 Unquiet Rest 2:04
E2 Wait, Then Return 2:11
E3 The Hellbound Heart 2:20
E4 The Box Theme 3:04
E5 No New World 3:55
E6 Vanishing Point 1:52
E7 The Main Title 3:15
E8 Theme From "Blue" 2 2:21
E9 The Hills Are Alive 4:03
F1 First Dark Ride 10:58
F2 Baby Food 12:39
G1 Music For Commercials 8:54
G2 Panic (12" Version) 7:43
G3 Feeder 7:55
H1 Neither His Nor Yours 2:58
H2 Wrong Eye 4:06
H3 Meaning What Exactly 3:43
H4 Scope 4:41
H5 Lost Rivers Of London 7:47
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110,- €  R & D Group 28 / UK 2015 4LP Mint-/Mint-
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