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Title Buried Alive!! Demented Teenage Fuzz From Down Under 1965-1970

Contains 150 rare and previously unreleased R&B Psyche Punk cuts on 6 CDs and a full colour 80 page booklet.
Garage Rock / 60s Beat / Psych Rock ...etc
Barcode: 8 690116 300532
Let This Be A Lesson: Freakin' Beat 'n' Blues Knockout!
1-1 Masters Apprentices Buried And Dead
1-2 Mike Furber That's When Happiness Began
1-3 Chants R&B I Want Her
1-4 Black Diamonds I Want, Need, Love You
1-5 Derek's Accent Ain't Got No Feeling
1-6 The Elois By My Side
1-7 Russ Kruger Keep Me Satisfied
1-8 The Creatures Ugly Thing
1-9 The Soul Agents I'm Still Mad At You
1-10 The In-Sect Let This Be A Lesson
1-11 Sandy Edmonds Come See Me
1-12 Mpd Ltd* Her Favourite Song
1-13 The Purple Hearts I'm Gonna Try
1-14 The Bluestars Social End Product
1-15 The Down And Out I'm Not Talkin'
1-16 The Dark Ages Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day
1-17 The Selected Few Get The Picture
1-18 The Vince Maloney Sect No Good Without You
1-19 The Allusions I Gotta Move
1-20 Steve And The Board Rosalyn
1-21 Barrington Davis Raining Teardrops
1-22 The Deakins Look And Learn
1-23 Masters Apprentices Undecided
1-24 The Missing Links You're Driving Me Insane
1-25 Steve And The Board I Call My Woman Hinges (Cause She's Something To Adore)
Lsd: A Freakin' Beat Backlash!
2-1 The Hergs Cadillac
2-2 Roadrunners Lsd
2-3 The Lincolns You Can't Come Round Anymore
2-4 Laurie Wade's Cavaliers The Colour Of Her Eyes
2-5 Peter Nelson And The Castaways* Down In The Mine
2-6 Mpd Ltd I Am What I Am
2-7 Steve And The Board Margot
2-8 Tony Cole Beat It!
2-9 Peter Doyle High Time Baby
2-10 Colin Cook Cry I Do
2-11 Peter And The Silhouettes Claudette Jones
2-12 The Other Ends Come On Baby
2-13 The La De Das Don't You Stand In My Way
2-14 The Principals I Can't Stop
2-15 The Other Ends Without You
2-16 The Leather Souls There's No Use
2-17 The Feelgoods The Sun (Le Soleil)
2-18 Tol-Puddle Martyrs Time Will Come
2-19 The Deep Set Living It Down
2-20 The Sounds Of Silence Blame Myself
2-21 Derek's Accent That Is Life Today
2-22 The Frantics Familiar Faces And Forgotten Dreams
2-23 The Pilgrims Five And Blue
2-24 Bobby James And The Vibrants I've Learned
2-25 The Loved Ones) Sad Dark Eyes
No More Now: Mods 'n' Sharpies On The Rampage!
3-1 The La De Das How Is The Air Up There
3-2 The Smoke No More Now
3-3 The Action I Can't Make A Friend
3-4 Tony Worsley Ready, Steady, Let's Go
3-5 The Atlantics Come On
3-6 Normie Rowe And The Playboys* With Me
3-7 The 4 Strangers Sad And Lonely
3-8 The London Criers For My Woman
3-9 The 5 There's Time
3-10 Mpd Ltd I Won't Be Back
3-11 The Pleazers Hurtin' All Over
3-12 The Hergs Style Of Love
3-13 The Lost Souls Peace Of Mind
3-14 Steve And The Board Now I'm Older
3-15 Throb Black
3-16 The Purple Hearts Early In The Morning
3-17 The Blue Beats She's Coming Home
3-18 The Henchmen Keep On Going Back
3-19 The Challenge The Crunch
3-20 Billy Adams Alone
3-21 Wild Cherries Krome Plated Yabby
3-22 Tom Thumb You're Gonna Miss Me
3-23 Mpd Ltd No Regrets
3-24 The Groop Night Life
3-25 Larry's Rebels What'cha Gonna Do About It
Down To The Last 75: The Times They Are-A-Changin'
4-1 The Twilights Sorry, She's Mine
4-2 The Syssys Three Long Days
4-3 The Town Criers Big Deal
4-4 The Clique Stop, Look And Listen
4-5 The Probe I Can Never Win
4-6 Mort And The Mobees Choose Who Like
4-7 The Action) Day By Day
4-8 The Strangers Fever
4-9 Hugo Girl In The Garden
4-10 The Morloch Time Machine
4-11 The Strangers Paperback Writer
4-12 The Twilights Take Action
4-13 In-Sect I Can See My Love
4-14 Autumn Puzzled
4-15 Reverend Black And The Rockin' Vicars* Down To The Last 500 4-16 –The Human Instinct The Rich Man
4-17 The Mixtures (They Call The Wind) Maria
4-18 The Affair Shoeshine Boy
4-19 The Groop You Gotta Live Love
4-20 Zoot Sha La La
4-21 1863 Establishment Picture Of A Girl
4-22 The Puppy Belinda
4-23 Abdullahs' Regime Sally I Do
4-24 The Last Straws A Woman Of Gradual Decline
4-25 The Jet Set Now I Love You
Dapper Dan: Whole Lotta Acid Goin' On
5-1 Masters Apprentices Elevator Driver
5-2 Larry's Rebels Coloured Flowers
5-3 The Bucket I Can't Help Thinking Of You
5-4 Travis, Wellington, Hedge Hey Bulldog
5-5 The Plaster Scene Love
5-6 Doug Ashdown Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
5-7 Troubled Mind Devil Is A Woman
5-8 House Of Nimrod Ragged Patch
5-9 Inside Looking Out Morning Sun
5-10 The Human Instinct A Day In My Mind's Mind
5-11 Proclamation King Of The Mountain
5-12 House Of Nimrod Reflections Of Our Time
5-13 Larry's Rebels Halloween
5-14 The Salvation I'd Rather Be Asleep
5-15 Love Machine Lonely Hearts Club Christmas Party
5-16 Vyt And The World Tiny Timothy
5-17 Inkase (Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me
5-18 Top Shelf Time Beyond
5-19 The Rebels Passing You By
5-20 Roger Skinner & The Motivation What's The Use
5-21 The Playboys Sad
5-22 The Groop Such A Lovely Way
5-23 The Manx On My Way Home
5-24 Hi-Revving Tongues You'll Find Me Anywhere
5-25 Vyt And The World Dapper Dan
Hypnotic Suggestion: Fuzz, Acid And Fire!
6-1 The Dizzy Limit Mare Tranquility
6-2 Lloyd's World Brass Bird
6-3 Imagination We Got Fun
6-4 House Of Nimrod Psychothartic
6-5 Chris Malcolm Hurt, Love And Fire
6-6 The Music Convention* Footprints On My Mind
6-7 The Gremlins Blast Off 1970
6-8 Troubled Mind* Finders Keepers
6-9 Inkase Pictures Of Matchstick Men
6-10 Oak Apple Day Oceans Of Fire
6-11 The Questions (3) And Things Unsaid
6-12 House Of Nimrod* Slightly Delic
6-13 Vegetable Garden* Hypnotic Suggestion
6-14 Inside Looking Out Long Live Sivananda
6-15 James Taylor Move Still I Can Go On
6-16 Inkase Love Or Confusion
6-17 Autumn Feel The Sun
6-18 The Brew Bengal Tiger
6-19 The Wright Of Waye Penelope Play
6-20 James Taylor Move And I Hear The Fire Sing
6-21 Jeff St. John And The Id Eastern Dream
6-22 The Atlantics Light Shades Of Dark (Parts 1 & 2)
6-23 The Loved Ones The Magic Box
6-24 The Gallery If You Want To
6-25 Clapham Junction Emily On A Sunday
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