Various Artists

Product ID // 33773
Title Bullshit Detector Two Various Artists
Description In original foldout poster cover. Beautiful condition, The LPs look unplayed, the cover without any damages.
Punk / Wave compilation on the legendary Crass label.
A1 Waiting For Bardot - Voice Of U.K.
A2 Omega Tribe - Nature Wonder
A3 Suspects - Random Relations
A4 Your Funeral - Think About It
A5 Kronstadt Uprising - Receiver Deceiver
A6 Deformed - Freedom
A7 No Label - Let's Get It Right
A8 The Rejected - Same Old Songs
B1 Boffo - Garageland
B2 XS - Fuck The System
B3 Polemic Attack - Manipulated Youth
B4 A. Gardener - A. Gardener's Song
B5 Toxic - Tradition Of Slaughter
B6 1984 - Breakup
B7 Unknown Artist - Insert
B8 Toxik Ephex - Police Brutality
B9 Sic - Low
B10 Molitov Cocktail - Ain't Got A Clue
B11 Naked - Mid 1930's (Pre-War Germany)
C1 Capital Punishment - We've Realised The Truth Now
C2 Anthrax - All The Wars
C3 Unknown Artist - Slaughter Of The Innocent (Curiosity Kills)
C4 Pseudo Sadists - War Games
C5 Total Chaos - Psycho Analysis
C6 Dougie - War Without Winners
C7 St. Vitus Dancers - The Survivor
C8 Stegz - Christus Erection
C9 Metro Youth - Brutalised
D1 Normality Complex - Black Market Shadow
D2 Youth In Asia - Power & The Glory
D3 Riot Squad - Security System
D4 Destructors - Agent Orange
D5 The Pits - U.K. In Dreamland
D6 Bored, The - Riot Style
D7 Toby Kettle - Theatre Comment
D8 Chumbawamba - Three Years Later
D9 Passion Killers - Start Again
D10 Amerikan Arsenal - Get Off Yr Ass
Price Label / Year Format Condition
28,- €  Crass 221984/3 / UK 1982 2LP VG+/Mint-