May, Brian

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Rock & Pop
Title Queen In 3-D Book Set
Description Limited German Book, text completely written or compiled by Brian May (Queen). 256 Pages of stories and informations to the legendary Rock band.
The first official Queen autobiography of founding member and lead guitarist Brian May: Sincere and detailed, he describes his very personal memories of a turbulent rock star life full of ups and downs. Accompanied by his exclusive collection of intimate snapshots, an authentic and multi-layered picture of Queen's everyday life is created. Whether in a relaxed pose at home, on the road in a limousine or private jet, in the studio or during concerts in the world's largest arenas, the camera was always with him. The pictures from the private archives of the passionate photographer May allow an undisguised look behind the scenes. Each has its own story and draws the viewer into the scene. A book like a magnet. An intimate and amazing journey through time, hand in hand with one of the greatest rock bands in the world.
Illustrated with 3D stereoscopic images to be viewed with a special optical glasses construction. The heavy artbook comes in strong cardboard slipcase box with a lenticular printing image of Freddy Mercury.
The Set includes the viewer tool (London Stereoscopic Company Patent OWL) housed in an extra box with technical instructions.
Sized 323x25x4cm weight 2,2kg.
Slipcase is still wrapped in Shink.
ISBN: 978-3-943573-29-9
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30,- €  EarBOOKS - Edel / GER 1983 Book Mint-/Mint-