39 Clocks

Product ID // 55449
Title Next Dimension Transfer
Description Very lo-fi and spaced out german New Wave band in Velvet Underground vein. Still sealed limited and numbered Box
Pain It Dark
A1 Shake The Hippie
A3 78 Soldier Dead
A4 Out Of Sight
A5 Stupid Art
A6 Test The Beat
B1 Psycho Beat
B2 Twisted & Shouts
B3 Radical Student Mob In Satin Boots
B4 39 Explosion Heats
B5 A Look Into You
C1 Heat Of Violence
C2 Dom (Electricity Elects The Rain)
C3 Psychotic Louie Louie
C4 Past Tense Hopes & Insant Fears On 42nd Street
D1 Virtuous Girl
D2 Three Floors Down
D3 Rainy Night Insanities
D4 A Touch Of Rot
D5 Aspettando Godot
A 39 Clocks Performance
E1 DNS (Live)
E2 Past Tense Hopes & Instant Fears On 42nd Street (Live)
F1 Shake The Hippie (Live)
F2 Three Floors Down (Live)
F3 A Look Into You (Live)
Reality Is A State Of Mind
G1 Realities Are A State Of Mind
G2 39 Progress Of A Psychotic
G3 New Crime Appeal
G4 The Great Chomeini
G5 DNS (45 version)
G6 Twisted & Shouts (45 version)
H1 Fast Cars
H2 Your Prick Makes Me Sick
H3 Art Minus Idiots
H4 I Love A Girl
H5 Signs & Toys
H6 Psycho Beat
H7 Beat Your Brain Out
13 More Protest Songs
I1 Eternal Yesterdays
I2 What Never Happened
I3 Eve Of Destruction
I4 You Can't Count The Bombs (It's Zero)
I5 But You Know
J1 Mr. Diamond
J2 My Tears Will Drown The World
J3 Il Ne Porte Pas Ses Nylons Négligés
J4 Shake Gaddafi's Blues
J5 I'm Not Alone With You (Ce N'Est Pas Pervers)
J6 (They Don't Dance Much) The Violent Ones
Price Label / Year Format Condition
90,- €  Tapete Records TR405 / GER 2019 5LP SS