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...mehr Infos zu Pantera Cowboys From Hell

Limited edition 3CD set in digipack, remastered reissue with 2 bonus disc of ... more

ATCO 8122-79801-9 / EU 2010 3CD VG+/Mint- 18,- €
Paradise Lost
...mehr Infos zu Paradise_Lost Draconian Times

Limited Edition in special Collectors's Box, digipak CD comes with a special ... more

Music For Nations CDMFNX 184 / UK 1995 CD VG+/Mint- 18,- €
...mehr Infos zu Peach Giving Birth To A Stone

Only LP by the British Progressive Metal band. Vinyl in beautiful condition, ... more

Mad Minute MAD MIN 009LP / UK 1994 LP VG+/Mint- 58,- €
Pink Cream 69
...mehr Infos zu Pink_Cream_69 Thunderdome

Promo CD by the german Hardrock / Metal band. In slim jewel case with ... more

SPV 999-80000624 CD / GER 2004 CD Mint-/Mint- 7,- €
Pink Cream 69
...mehr Infos zu Pink_Cream_69 Electrified

Promo black CD edition of their 1999 album on High Gain. No barcode on ... more

High Gain Records / GER 1999 CD VG+/VG+ 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Pitchshifter vs Biohazard Therapy? Gunshot - The Remix War

UK CD version of this EP with remix versions . Industrial Metal band from ... more

Earache MOSH 95 CD / UK 1994 CD Mint-/Mint- 5,- €
...mehr Infos zu Possessed Seven Churches

Limited reissue edition, comes as digipak that folds out to an inverted ... more

Century Media 9962058 / UK 2008 CD VG+/Mint- 18,- €