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Fabricius, Bent
...mehr Infos zu Fabricius_Bent Peter's Theme / Taenk Pa Et Tal

Jazz Soundtrack from the film Midt I En Jazztid ... more

Metronome 1720 / DK 1969 7inch VG+/VG+ 7,- €
Faith, Percy
...mehr Infos zu Faith_Percy Porgy And Bess

Vinyl with a few very light surface marks, plays very well. In picture ... more

Philips 429 651 BE / GER 196? 7inch VG+/VG 6,- €
Fajardo Y Sus Estrellas
...mehr Infos zu Fajardo_Y_Sus_Estrellas Ritmo De Pollos

Rare Salsa / Cuban / Latin record by Jose Fajardo ... more

Panart LP 3051 / VEZ 1959 LP VG+/VG+ 60,- €
Favero, Alberto
...mehr Infos zu Favero_Alberto Suite Trane - In Memoriam John Coltrane

STILL SEALED German Digipak CD from warehouse find. Allthough the shrink is ... more ‎WMCD-0068 / GER 2005 CD Mint-/Mint 15,- €
Fays, Raphael
...mehr Infos zu Fays_Raphael Raphael Fays, Gitarre, spielt Kompositionen von Marcel Dadi

Gypsy Jazz ... more

Decca 6.24130 / GER 1976 LP VG+/VG+ 12,- €
Feldman, Victor
...mehr Infos zu Feldman_Victor_ Secret Of The Andes

Comes in original picture sleeve still wrapped in shrink. Funky and Latin ... more

Palo Alto PA 8053-N / USA 1982 LP VG+/VG+ 9,- €
...mehr Infos zu FEZ FEZ

East German Spiritual Jazz. This copy is from the Nationale Volksarmee ... more

Amiga 8 55 585 / GDR 1978 LP VG/VG 18,- €
Fichelscher, Toby
...mehr Infos zu Fichelscher_Toby Busting The Bongos

Still sealed LP with previously unreleased recordings from 1957 and ... more

Sonorama L-78 / GER 2013 LP SS 20,- €
Fidenco, Nico
...mehr Infos zu Fidenco_Nico El Che Guevara

Rare soundtrack for the film by Paolo Heusch, original italian pressing feat. ... more

Cam SAG 9007 / IT 1968 LP VG+/VG+ 150,- €
Firehouse Five Plus Two
...mehr Infos zu Firehouse_Five_Plus_Two Story

Oldtime Jazz / Dixieland recordings from the 40s and 50s. Double LP in nice ... more

Good Time Jazz 6635 001 / GER 197? 2LP VG+/VG+ 12,- €
Fischer, John with Hans Kumpf, Leonid Tchizhik & Alexey Zubov
...mehr Infos zu Fischer_John_with_Hans_Kumpf_Leonid_Tchizhik_amp_Alexey_Zubov Jam Session Moscow

Unique recording of this international Jazz meeting between piano player John ... more

Fusion Bellaphon 8005 / GER 1981 LP VG/Mint- 20,- €
Fish For Fish
...mehr Infos zu Fish_For_Fish Fish For Fish

Very recommended Jazz album, experimenting with electronic sounds. Some tracks ... more

FFF Records B 001 / GER 1990 LP Mint-/Mint 20,- €
Fitzgerald, Ella
...mehr Infos zu Fitzgerald_Ella Best Of The BBC Vaults

18 track LP in gatefold cover. Close to mint. Tracklisting: A1 The Lady Is ... more

Jazzline N 78 014 / GER 2013 LP VG+/VG+ 17,- €
Fitzgerald, Ella
...mehr Infos zu Fitzgerald_Ella I Can't Give You Anything But Love / Airmail Special

Italian pressing in original italian Jolly Verve sleeve. Vinyl with light ... more

Verve V 102 / IT 196? 7inch G/VG- 5,- €
Fitzgerald, Ella
...mehr Infos zu Fitzgerald_Ella Sweet And Lovely

Rare german club pressing EP. Vinyl with a few light surface marks, plays with ... more

Deutscher Schallplattenclub D 028 / GER 2003 10inch VG+/VG 10,- €
Fitzgerald, Ella & Louis Armstrong
...mehr Infos zu Fitzgerald_Ella_amp_Louis_Armstrong Ella & Louis

2 LP box set with booklet. Jazz singer. Tracklisting: A1 On The Sunny Side ... more

Verve 2622 003 / GER 19? 2LP VG+/VG+ 15,- €
Franz, Heiner
...mehr Infos zu Franz_Heiner A Window To The Soul

German laid back guitar Jazz. Feat. Thomas Krisch and Uwe ... more

Jardis 8801 / GER 1988 LP VG+/Mint- 18,- €
Free Cooperation
...mehr Infos zu Free_Cooperation Taniec Sloni - Our Masters Voice

Rare Free Jazz & Spiritual Fusion Jazz from Poland feat. Piotr Bikont, Andrzej ... more

Poljazz PSJ 186 / POL 1989 LP VG/Mint- 28,- €
Fritz Pauer Trio
...mehr Infos zu Fritz_Pauer_Trio Blues Inside Out

Feat. Jimmy Woode on bass and Tony Inzalaco on drums. Cover with little signs ... more

MPS 0068.218 / GER 1979 LP VG/VG+ 28,- €
Fuchs-Charrier, Joachim
...mehr Infos zu Fuchs-Charrier_Joachim Pictures At A Drumhibition II

Album full of Jazz drumming, cover still in shrink Tracklisting: A1 To My ... more

Fusion 8011 / GER 1982 LP Mint-/Mint- 20,- €