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La Grande Illusion
...mehr Infos zu La_Grande_Illusion La Grande Illusion

Indie Pop from Hamburg, Germany. Tracklisting A1 There Is Sth On My MInd ... more

Popup-Records pr1605lp / GER 2004 LP VG+/Mint 8,- €
La Polla Records
...mehr Infos zu La_Polla_Records El Perro Salvaje

Single by the famous Spanish Punk band. A few light surface marks on b-side ... more

Oihuka OS-165-B / ESP 1988 7inch VG+/VG 24,- €
Ladonnas, The
...mehr Infos zu Ladonnas_The Rock You All Night Long

Garage Rock / Punk. No insert included. Cover still in ... more

Scooch Pooch P043 / USA 1998 LP VG+/VG+ 12,- €
...mehr Infos zu Laibach Macbeth

UK pressing with silver CD print. CD, booklet and jewelcase in EXCELLENT ... more

Mute CD STUMM 70 / UK 1990 CD Mint-/Mint- 10,- €
...mehr Infos zu Lamb 5 - Ltd Book Edition

Rare limited "pre-order" double CD version of the album, available only to fans ... more

Strata strata005s / UK 2011 2CD VG+/VG+ 80,- €
Lane, Robin
...mehr Infos zu Lane_Robin Heart Connection

US Power Pop. Tracklisting: A1 Hard Cover 3:33 A2 Believe In You ... more

Recon RE77 / UK 1984 12inch VG+/VG+ 5,- €
Lavvi Ebbel
...mehr Infos zu Lavvi_Ebbel Albu Meth

Disco Wave / No Wave. Tracklisting: A1 Victoria A2 Much A Do About ... more

Parsley PP 021 / BEL 1982 12inch VG+/VG+ 7,- €
...mehr Infos zu Lazerbug Funkadelectric

Electro Rock / Funky Alternative Rock from Hamburg. Tracklisting: 01 ... more

Lanhydrock Medienverlag FS 01 / GER 2001 CD VG+/VG+ 6,- €
Lazy Cowgirls
...mehr Infos zu Lazy_Cowgirls A Little Sex And Death

Garage Rock / Punk. Beautiful condition, vinyl looks unplayed ... more

Crypt CR-083 / GER 1997 LP Mint-/Mint- 15,- €
Lazy Cowgirls
...mehr Infos zu Lazy_Cowgirls Another Long Goodbye

Garage Rock / Punk. 4 track 10inch EP. Vinyl without ... more

Sympathy For The Record Industry SFTRI 219 / USA 1993 10inch VG+/VG+ 7,- €
Le Tigre
...mehr Infos zu Le_Tigre This Island

Electro Rock feat. the Riot Girl Kathleen Hanna. With printed inner ... more

Chicks On Speed COSR020 / EC 2004 LP VG+/VG+ 30,- €
Le Ton Mite
...mehr Infos zu Le_Ton_Mite Passe Compose Futur Conditionnel

STILL SEALED / NEW CD album with gatefold cardboard sleeve. Experimental Indie ... more

Made To Measure MTM 43 / BEL 2017 CD SS 10,- €
Leather Nun
...mehr Infos zu Leather_Nun Lust Games

Indie Rock / Goth Rock Tracklisting: A1 I Can Smell Your Thoughts A2 ... more

Wire WRMLP 200 / UK 1986 LP VG+/VG+ 5,- €
Leather Nun
...mehr Infos zu Leather_Nun Steel Construction

Indie Rock / Goth Rock Tracklisting: Build Up 1 Dance Dance Dance ... more

Wire WRCD 005 / EU 1987 CD Mint-/Mint- 20,- €
Left Jab
...mehr Infos zu Left_Jab Altona

Private released Punk / Hardcore from Hamburg, Germany. With ... more

Private / GER 2001 LP VG+/Mint- 9,- €
Legendary Bang, The
...mehr Infos zu Legendary_Bang_The Big Bluff

Tear from tape on backcover, apart of that in very nice condition. With ... more

Marsh - Marigold gold 07 / GER 1990 7inch VG-/VG+ 12,- €
Leitkegel / I Like Ambulance
...mehr Infos zu Leitkegel_I_Like_Ambulance Split 7"

Punk / Alternative Rock from Germany. Single, limited to 300 numbered ... more

My Favourite Chords mfc003 / GER 2014 7inch Mint-/Mint- 9,- €
...mehr Infos zu Lemonbabies Don't Look Back

EP by the girl band. Tracklisting: A1 Don't Look Back (Single Edit) ... more

Four Music 12-665581-20 / GER 1998 12inch VG+/Mint- 4,- €
...mehr Infos zu Lemonheads Setlist

Original handwritten setlist from a concert of the Lemonheads in Nymegen, ... more

?? / NL 1990 Memorabilia -/VG 18,- €
Les Enfants Terribles
...mehr Infos zu Les_Enfants_Terribles Paths Of Glory

One-sided single in original blue Midnight Music sleeve. New Wave. ... more

Midnight Music DING 51 / UK 1989 7inch VG+/VG+ 4,- €
Lessnow, Tobi
...mehr Infos zu Lessnow_Tobi Lifetime Membership

Private CDr release. Songwriter / Electronic Pop by the Jazz drummer. With ... more

Private / GER 199? CD Mint/Mint- 8,- €
Let's Eat Grandma
...mehr Infos zu Let_s_Eat_Grandma I, Gemini

Packaged in a Digipak. Unplayed copy, like new! Tracklisting: 1 Deep Six ... more

Transgressive TRANS227CD / UK & EU 2016 CD Mint/Mint- 12,- €
Letzte Instanz
...mehr Infos zu Letzte_Instanz Heilig

German Goth Rock / Dark Medieval influenced Folk Rock. Everything in excellent ... more

Sony Music 88697761402 / GER 2010 CD Mint-/Mint- 9,- €
...mehr Infos zu Lichter Lichter

Private released advance CD-R with different track order and different handmade ... more

Private / GER 2007 CD VG+/VG- 6,- €
Lightfoot, Terra
...mehr Infos zu Lightfoot_Terra_ New Mistakes

NEW / UNPLAYED black vinyl version in gatefold sleeve. Comes still wrapped in ... more

Sonic Unyon SUNLP1621 / CAN 2017 LP Mint/Mint 16,- €
Limp Bizkit
...mehr Infos zu Limp_Bizkit Sticker

Promo sticker to the release of the album Significant Other. Size: 15,5 x 5 cm ... more

Flip - Interscope / GER 1999 Memorabilia Mint/Mint 1,- €
Limp Bizkit
...mehr Infos zu Limp_Bizkit Sticker

Promo sticker announcing a new album in July 2000. Size: 15 x 6 cm ... more

Motor / GER 2000 Memorabilia Mint/Mint 1,- €
Liquid Laughter Lounge Quartet
...mehr Infos zu Liquid_Laughter_Lounge_Quartet Yonder...Chickens Get Lonely

First CD by the Lounge / Swamp Rock band from Germany. CD with a few ... more

Ritchie Records RitRec 012 / GER 1999 CD VG+/VG 6,- €
Liquid Laughter Lounge Quartet
...mehr Infos zu Liquid_Laughter_Lounge_Quartet May You Always Live With Laughter

LP by the Lounge / Swamp Rock band from Germany. In gatefold cover with ... more

Ritchie Records RitRec 028 / GER 2004 LP VG+/Mint- 9,- €
...mehr Infos zu Litfiba 17 RE

French pressing of the 3rd album by the Italian Rock / New Wave band. Released ... more

IRA 102 / FRA 1987 LP Mint-/Mint- 28,- €
Little Wings
...mehr Infos zu Little_Wings Magic Wand

Promo CD album in regular jewelcase, booklet, white tray and insert with just a ... more

Ahornfelder AH10 / GER 2008 CD Mint-/Mint- 6,- €
Live Sex
...mehr Infos zu Live_Sex An Expression Of Faith

UK Wave / Post Punk. Tracklisting: A1 Common Feeling A2 Science A3 ... more

Hopewell HW04 / UK 1985 LP VG/VG+ 6,- €
Live Skull
...mehr Infos zu Live_Skull Snuffer

Cover still in shrink. A little cut-out in left spine, apart of that in ... more

Caroline CAROL 1358 / USA 1988 12inch VG+/Mint- 5,- €
Living Room, The
...mehr Infos zu Living_Room_The Chambers

Private released Neo Psychedelic / Folk from Germany. Very close to ... more

Private / GER 1997 LP VG+/VG+ 38,- €
Liwa, Tom
...mehr Infos zu Liwa_Tom Dudajim

German Singer Songwriter best known as Singer of the indie rock / psychedelic / ... more

Normal N 257 CD / GER 2004 CD Mint-/Mint- 6,- €
Lloyd, Richard
...mehr Infos zu Lloyd_Richard_ Real Time

Original US CELLULOID label vinyl pressing with plastic inner ... more

Celluloid CELL 6135 / USA 1987 LP Mint-/Mint- 8,- €
Loch Lomond
...mehr Infos zu Loch_Lomond Dresses

CD in gatefold cardboard cover. Tracklisting: 1 Bells 2 The Wedding 3 ... more

Chemikal Underground CHEM196 / UK 2013 CD VG+/Mint- 7,- €
Locust, The / Arab On Radar
...mehr Infos zu Locust_The_Arab_On_Radar Split EP

Limited green splattered & specially shaped vinyl 7inch in picture sleeve ... more

Gold Standard Laboratories GSL29 / USA 2000 7inch Mint-/Mint- 9,- €
Lonely Kamel
...mehr Infos zu Lonely_Kamel Shit City

Mailorder only LP on golden vinyl, limited to 200 copies. In perfect ... more

Napalm Records NPR558LP / AUT 2014 LP Mint/Mint 30,- €
Looney Tunes
...mehr Infos zu Looney_Tunes Rough

In handmade sandpaper cover with insert. Cover with a little (one inch) top ... more

Meteor MOR 32022 / CH 1982 LP VG+/Mint- 14,- €
...mehr Infos zu Loop Heaven's End

Early UK CD reissue of the classic psychedelic Indie Space Rock album first ... more

Reactor CD1 / UK 1991 CD VG+/VG+ 10,- €
...mehr Infos zu Loop The World In Your Eyes

A collection of singles and B-sides by the british Neo Psychedelic / Shoegaze ... more

Head HEAD LP2 / UK 1987 LP VG/VG+ 14,- €
Los Galerna
...mehr Infos zu Los_Galerna Akelarre

Still sealed LP. Rock & Roll / Surf Punk from Spain. Tracklisting: A1 Lobo ... more

Gaztelupeko Hotsak GH-15LP / ESP 2013 LP SS 18,- €
Love A
...mehr Infos zu Love_A Eigentlich

Vinyl version of the German Emo / Post-Hardcore album. Cover comes still ... more

Rookie Records ‎RR108 / GER 2011 LP Mint-/Mint- 12,- €
Love Is Colder Than Death
...mehr Infos zu Love_Is_Colder_Than_Death Mental Traveller

Early 90s Darkwave / Electro Wave from Germany. Digipak CD cover some signs of ... more

Hyperium CD 3910037241 / GER 1992 CD VG/VG+ 6,- €
Love Is Colder Than Death
...mehr Infos zu Love_Is_Colder_Than_Death Oxeia

Lim. Edition first version in Digipak slleeve. 90s Darkwave / Electro Wave ... more

Hyperium CD 39100952 / GER 1994 CD Mint-/Mint- 7,- €
...mehr Infos zu Loveslug Circus Of Values

LP by the dutch Grunge / Garage Rock band. Beautiful condition ... more

Glitterhouse GR 0141 / GER 1991 LP Mint-/Mint- 10,- €
Lowe, Rosie
...mehr Infos zu Lowe_Rosie Right Thing

4 track promo CD in plastic envelope cover with insert. Close to mint. Electro ... more

37 Adventures / EEC 2013 CD VG+/VG+ 8,- €
Lower Class Brats
...mehr Infos zu Lower_Class_Brats The New Seditionaries

LP with insert. Oi Punk band from Austin Texas. Tracklisting: A1 The Manish ... more

Dirty Punk Records DPR022 / FRA 2006 LP Mint-/Mint- 12,- €
...mehr Infos zu Lowlife From A Scream To A Whisper

Rare CD compilation of their best work. Tracklisting: 1 Ramafied 4:12 2 ... more

Nightshift Records UK LOLIF 7 CD / UK 1990 CD Mint-/Mint- 24,- €
Luna Twist
...mehr Infos zu Luna_Twist Look Out - You're Falling In Love Again

Synth Wave / Synth Pop Tracklisting: A Look Out (You're Falling In Love ... more

Parsley PP 020 / BEL 1982 7inch VG/VG+ 4,- €
Luzia, Clara
...mehr Infos zu Luzia_Clara_ The Long Memory

Digipak CD album by the Singer & Songwriter from Vienna, Austria. CD with just ... more

Asinella Records AR003 / GER 2007 CD VG+/VG+ 8,- €
Lykke Li
...mehr Infos zu Lykke_Li Wounded Rhymes

Limited edition LP in massive gatefold cover with lyric inner sleeve. Vinyl ... more

Warner 5052498451173 / UK 2011 LP Mint-/VG 38,- €
Lynch, Rob
...mehr Infos zu Lynch_Rob All These Nights In Bars Will Somehow Save My Soul

Limited edition LP on pink vinyl. Cover with top seam split, apart of that ... more

Xtra Mile - Grand Hotel Van Cleef XMR090LP / GER 2014 LP VG/Mint- 12,- €