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...mehr Infos zu C_U_B_S_ Maroi Bwana Oi

Disco Wave, Avantgarde ... more

Music * Noise m + n 831 / GER 1983 LP VG+/VG 25,- €
Ca Lingo
...mehr Infos zu Ca_Lingo The Complete Line

Electro Wave from Germany with a strong female voice. Tracklisting: A1 Lost ... more

Good Noise VGNS 2021 / GER 1984 LP VG+/VG+ 24,- €
Cabaret Voltaire
...mehr Infos zu Cabaret_Voltaire Here To Go

Extended Mix and Space Dub ... more

Parlophone 12R 6166 / UK 1987 12inch VG/VG 7,- €
...mehr Infos zu Cake Pressure Chief

NEW and STILL SEALED CD version of the 4th album by the american alternative ... more

Columbia COL 517450 2 / EU 2004 CD SS 6,- €
Cakekitchen, The
...mehr Infos zu Cakekitchen_The Stompin' Thru The Boneyard

German only vinyl version of this album by band from the New Zealand Lo-Fi ... more

Raffmond RAFF 012-1 / GER 1994 LP Mint-/Mint- 18,- €
Call, The
...mehr Infos zu Call_The Into The Woods

German original with promo sheet / press info in german and PR-Copy sticker on ... more

Elektra 960 739-1 / GER 1987 LP VG+/VG+ 6,- €
Campbell, Isobell & Mark Lanegan
...mehr Infos zu Campbell_Isobell_amp_Mark_Lanegan Honey Child What Can I Do?

Rare one track promo CD in slim cardboard picture sleeve. Diferend cover design ... more

V2 Music WR5039493P / UK 2006 CD:Single VG+/Mint- 3,- €
Campi, Ray with Hal Peters And His Trio
...mehr Infos zu Campi_Ray_with_Hal_Peters_And_His_Trio_ Chicken

7inch Single release with picture sleeve. Everything in excellent ... more

Goofin' Records GOOFY 534 / FIN 1992 7inch VG+/VG+ 9,- €
Capitol Punishment
...mehr Infos zu Capitol_Punishment Zipeyrpantsup

Live recording, Punk / Hardcore Tracklist A01 Show Me A02 Capitol ... more

Destiny EFA 05145 / GER 198? LP VG+/VG+ 12,- €
Captain Sensible
...mehr Infos zu Captain_Sensible There Are More Snakes Than Ladders - Remix

Synth Wave by former The Damned member. Tracklisting: A1 There Are More ... more

A&M CAPX 7 / UK 1984 12inch VG/VG+ 5,- €
Carmaig De Forest
...mehr Infos zu Carmaig_De_Forest 6 Live Cuts

Rockabilly, in textured cover. Tracklisting: A1 One More Time 5:08 A2 ... more

New Rose ROSE 143 / FRA 1987 LP VG+/VG+ 9,- €
Casa Electro Novo
...mehr Infos zu Casa_Electro_Novo Same Difference

Private released CDr. Electro Rock / Indie Rock. Tracklisting: 1 Space Junk ... more

Station00 / GER 2002 CD Mint-/Mint 5,- €
Casa Electro Novo
...mehr Infos zu Casa_Electro_Novo Angels And Insects

Private released CDr. Very light surface marks, plays perfect. Released in ... more

Private / GER 200? CD VG/VG 5,- €
Cat & Mouse
...mehr Infos zu Cat_amp_Mouse Around And Round

SÄHKÖ Electro Rock. Tracklisting: A1 The Other Side A2 Nothing To Fear ... more

PUU Sahko PUU-15 / FIN 1998 LP Mint-/VG+ 6,- €
Cat's Eyes
...mehr Infos zu Cat_s_Eyes Cat's Eyes

CD version with original sticker on jewelbox. Alternative Rock Duo Rachel ... more

Cooperative Music VVR767566 / EU 2011 CD VG+/VG+ 7,- €
Cats TV
...mehr Infos zu Cats_TV Killerautomat

NDW, with printed inner sleeve. Tracklisting: A1 Mitgegangen 3:10 A2 ... more

Reflektor Z 0060.454 / GER 1981 LP VG+/VG+ 9,- €
Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds
...mehr Infos zu Cave_Nick_amp_The_Bad_Seeds Interview CD and Video Promotion Package

Promotion package to the CD release The Best Of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. The ... more

Mute ICDMUTEL4 / UK 1998 CD VG/VG 25,- €
Chambre Jaune
...mehr Infos zu Chambre_Jaune K.C.

Alternative / Noise Rock Tracklist A K.c B Resent ... more

Jigsaw Productions Jigprod 006 / NL 1991 7inch VG+/VG+ 7,- €
...mehr Infos zu Charlatans Some Friendly

German pressing with printed inner sleeve. First album by the band from the ... more

Rebel Rec. SPV 006-30911 / GER 1990 LP VG+/VG+ 15,- €
Charthogs, The
...mehr Infos zu Charthogs_The Do Your Mind

Original US Promo version with golden print on the frontside of the regular ... more

Atlantic 92348-2 / USA 1994 CD Mint-/Mint- 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Chesterfields Blame

b-side Male Bimbo ... more

Household HOLD 3 / UK 1988 7inch VG+/VG+ 5,- €
Child Of The Other Voices, The
...mehr Infos zu Child_Of_The_Other_Voices_The Special Train To A Peace Of Mind

Only release by this Dark Wave / Synth Wave act from Germany. Cover with a ... more

Z-Records ZR 1021 / GER 198? 7inch G/VG+ 40,- €
Chinese Silk And Videotape
...mehr Infos zu Chinese_Silk_And_Videotape Exit Direction

Private released CD by the Indie Pop band from Germany. ... more

Private / GER 2013 CD VG+/Mint- 8,- €
Christian Death
...mehr Infos zu Christian_Death All The Love All The Hate - Part One: All The Love

Pink marbled vinyl in gatefold cover. A very little tear of a sticker on ... more

Normal 115 / GER 1989 LP VG+/VG+ 15,- €
Christian Death
...mehr Infos zu Christian_Death Deathwish

NEW STILL SEALED Deluxe Edition reissue in clear vinyl plus 12-page booklet and ... more

Cleopatra CLO0233VL / USA 2015 LP SS 28,- €
Chrysanthemums, The
...mehr Infos zu Chrysanthemums_The Porcupine Quills

4 untitled Indie Lo-Fi & Synth Pop songs, feat. Alan Jenkins from Deep Freeze ... more

Madagascar MADA 016 / BEL 1991 12inch VG+/VG+ 5,- €
Chud, The
...mehr Infos zu Chud_The Mirage

German Indie Rock / 60s inspired, green vinyl, with insert ... more

Love's Simple Dreams LSD 110466 / GER 1989 LP VG+/VG+ 12,- €
Chud, The
...mehr Infos zu Chud_The Cloud Kisser

German Indie Rock, 60s inspired, in white vinyl Tracklisting: A ... more

Love's Simple Dreams LSD 030771 / GER 1988 7inch VG+/VG+ 5,- €
...mehr Infos zu Chumbawamba Tubthumper

Promo CD edition of the 1999 album. Just one surface scratch, plays ... more

EMI Electrola CDPP 0014 / UK 1997 CD VG+/VG 5,- €
...mehr Infos zu Circle Zopalki

Double vinyl reissue, pressed on 150g. Comes in gatefold sleeve & contains ... more

Svart Records SVR100 / FIN 2012 2LP Mint-/Mint- 20,- €
Circle Confusion
...mehr Infos zu Circle_Confusion Meat Dept

Industrial Rock / Dark Wave Tracklisting: A1 Turkish Royalty 4:10 A2 ... more

Lively Art ARTY 4 / FRA 1988 LP VG+/Mint- 10,- €
Claw Hammer
...mehr Infos zu Claw_Hammer Sick Fish Belly Up / Moonlight On Vermont

blue vinyl, Punk ... more

Trigon TS-104 / USA 1989 7inch VG+/VG+ 5,- €
Clean, The
...mehr Infos zu Clean_The_ Live Dead Clean

Rare vinyl EP by the famous band from New Zealand, so called "inventors of the ... more

Flying Nun LDC 001 / NZ 1986 LP VG/VG+ 45,- €
Click Click
...mehr Infos zu Click_Click I Rage I Melt

Rare Mini-CD single with adapter. In cardboard picture cover. A light bend in ... more

Play It Again Sam BIAS 79 CD / BEL 1987 CD:Single VG+/VG+ 24,- €
...mehr Infos zu Clickclickdecker Wer Hat Mir Auf Die Schuhe Gekotzt

Promo CD single in cardboard picture sleeve. Close to mint. Tracklisiting: 1 ... more

Audiolith AL024 / GER 2006 CD:Single VG+/VG+ 4,- €
Cliff Barnes And The Fear Of Winning
...mehr Infos zu Cliff_Barnes_And_The_Fear_Of_Winning Whole Lotta Love

Tracklisting: A Why Must I Be In Love With You 5:30 B Everything I ... more

Happy Valley EFA 01 323 02 / GER 2001 7inch VG+/Mint- 5,- €
...mehr Infos zu Clinic The Second Line

Tracklisting: 1 The Second Line 2 Magic Boots 3 Dr. G. ... more

Domino RUG 91CD / UK 1999 CD:Single Mint/Mint- 3,- €
Close Lobsters
...mehr Infos zu Close_Lobsters What Is There To Smile About ?

With postcard. Tracklisting: A1 What Is There To Smile About A2 ... more

Fire BLAZE 25T / UK 1988 12inch VG+/Mint- 8,- €
Close Shave
...mehr Infos zu Close_Shave Hard As Nails

Limited reissue edition of 250 copies, pressed on red vinyl. Punk / ... more

84 Records HARD LP 14 / UK 2010 LP Mint/Mint 12,- €
Cocteau Twins
...mehr Infos zu Cocteau_Twins Twinlights

Triple gatefold digipak CD. Acoustic album by the Scottish post-punk / ... more

Fontana CTCD3 / UK 1995 CD VG+/VG+ 6,- €
Cocteau Twins
...mehr Infos zu Cocteau_Twins Treasure

Rare Japan CD reissue. Comes without OBI! Tracklisting: 1 Ivo 2 Lorelei ... more

4AD CY-4412 / JAP 1989 CD VG+/VG+ 15,- €
Cocteau Twins
...mehr Infos zu Cocteau_Twins Victorialand

Rare Japan CD reissue. Comes without OBI! Tracklisting: 1 Lazy Calm 2 ... more

4AD CY-4412 / JAP 1989 CD Mint-/Mint- 24,- €
Cocteau Twins
...mehr Infos zu Cocteau_Twins Tiny Dynamine / Echoes In A Shallow Bay

Rare Japan CD reissue. Comes without OBI! Tracklisting: Tiny Dynamine 1 ... more

4AD CY-4509 / JAP 1990 CD Mint-/Mint- 48,- €
Cocteau Twins
...mehr Infos zu Cocteau_Twins Head Over Heels / Sunburst And Snowblind

Rare Japan CD reissue. Comes without OBI! Tracklisting: Head Over Heels 1 ... more

4AD COCY-6121 / JAP 1990 CD VG+/VG+ 24,- €
Cocteau Twins
...mehr Infos zu Cocteau_Twins Blue Bell Knoll

Rare Japan CD reissue. Comes without OBI! Tracklisting: 1 Blue Bell Knoll ... more

4AD 25CY-2637 / JAP 1988 CD VG+/VG+ 20,- €
...mehr Infos zu Codeine Realize

Limited edition clear vinyl in the Sub Pop Singles Club. Tracklisting: A ... more

Sub Pop SP155 / USA 1992 7inch VG+/VG+ 9,- €
Coffin Nails, The
...mehr Infos zu Coffin_Nails_The Live And Rockin

Rockabilly / Psychobilly. Record with light surface marks, do not affect ... more

Link LP 118 / UK 1990 LP VG/VG 12,- €
Collins, Edwyn
...mehr Infos zu Collins_Edwyn Hellbent On Compromise

With insert and Demon inner sleeve. Tracklisting: A1 Means To An End A2 ... more

Demon Fiend 195 / UK 1990 LP VG+/VG+ 12,- €
Color Film
...mehr Infos zu Color_Film Living Arrangements

Still sealed copy! Tracklisting: 1 We'd Kill Each Other 2 Small Town 3 ... more

Epitaph 7493-2 / USA 2017 CD SS 9,- €
...mehr Infos zu Colors Vivid Colors


POE Records / CAN 1985 12inch VG+/VG+ 8,- €
Colour Of Spring, The
...mehr Infos zu Colour_Of_Spring_The Come, Carry Me Far Away

80s Synth Pop / Dark Wave from Germany, incl. a Beatles coverversion. In white ... more

Perfect Beat BEAT TWELVE PB 12.007 / GER 1988 LP VG/VG+ 10,- €
Combo Colossale
...mehr Infos zu Combo_Colossale Drinnen Tanzen Sie Samba

NDW Tracklisting: A Drinnen Tanzen Sie Samba 3:58 B Wolfgang Amadeus 3:02 ... more

Repertoire RR 171 018 / GER 1983 7inch VG+/VG+ 7,- €
Combustible Edison
...mehr Infos zu Combustible_Edison Cry Me A River

Limited edition from the Sub Pop Singles Club. Tracklisting: A Cry Me A ... more

Sub Pop SP236 / USA 1996 7inch VG+/VG+ 5,- €
Concrete Sox
...mehr Infos zu Concrete_Sox Your Turn Next

UK Hardcore Punk. Tracklisting: A1 Intelligence Quest A2 Who Was ... more

Children Of The Revolution GURT 10 / UK 1986 LP VG/VG+ 18,- €
...mehr Infos zu Consolidated Cutting

Tracklisting: A Cutting (Full Rock Mix) 5:06 B1 Cutting (Electro Mix) ... more

London PR12 6864-1 / UK 1994 12inch VG+/VG+ 4,- €
...mehr Infos zu Consolidated Dysfunctional Relationship

Whitelabel in Promotional Preview Copy cover, with info sheet. Hip Hop / ... more

Zoth Ommog ZOT 10 / GER 1990 12inch VG+/Mint- 5,- €
Controlled Bleeding
...mehr Infos zu Controlled_Bleeding Songs From The Drain

The sleeve has a tiny little tear from a removed price sticker, the vinyl looks ... more

Dossier ST 7550 / GER 1987 LP VG+/VG+ 12,- €
...mehr Infos zu Convinced All Systems Go

Hardcore / Metal from Belgium, with insert and postcard. Tracklisting: A1 ... more

Genet GEN 1232 / BEL 1999 LP VG+/VG+ 8,- €
Cooper Temple Clause, The
...mehr Infos zu Cooper_Temple_Clause_The Pipe Dreams / Temple Ball

CD single with original autograph / Autogramm by the band members. Incl. a ... more

Morning 74321 900382 / EEC 2001 CD:Single VG+/VG+ 14,- €
Corn Dollies
...mehr Infos zu Corn_Dollies Forever Steven / About To Believe

Produced by Robert Forster of the Go-Betweens. ... more

Farm 001 / UK 1987 7inch VG+/VG+ 5,- €
Corpse Grinders
...mehr Infos zu Corpse_Grinders The Legend Of The Corpse Grinders

Garage Rock / Punk band feat. Rick Rivets and Stu Wylder of The Brats and the ... more

Fan Club NR330 / FRA 1983 LP Mint-/VG+ 12,- €
Corrupted Ideals
...mehr Infos zu Corrupted_Ideals Join The Resistance

CD version of the second album by the american Punk / Hardcore band from Long ... more

New Red Archives NRA21CD / CAN 1991 CD VG+/VG+ 9,- €
...mehr Infos zu Cortez Phoebus

Unplayed double LP in gatefold cover with black inner sleeves. Math Rock / ... more

Basement Apes Industries APES036 / UK 2013 2LP VG+/Mint- 12,- €
Cosmic Psychos
...mehr Infos zu Cosmic_Psychos Slave To The Crave

Live recorded in Melbourne in 1989. Cover shows some ... more

Rattlesnake Normal RAT 505 / GER 1990 LP VG/VG+ 18,- €
Cosmic Tribe
...mehr Infos zu Cosmic_Tribe Under The Same Sun

CD album by the German Stoner Rock band. Everything in perfect like NEW ... more

Artist Station Records ASR 331303 / GER 2013 CD Mint/Mint 6,- €
Counter-World Experience
...mehr Infos zu Counter-World_Experience Metronomicon

Recorded and mixed at Afterburn Studios Berlin. German Math Rock, modern ... more

MIG 70082 / GER 2017 CD Mint-/Mint- 12,- €
Cpt. Kirk &.
...mehr Infos zu Cpt_Kirk_amp_ Stand Rotes Madrid

First album by the band from Hamburg. CD with very light marks, plays ... more

What's So Funny About WSFA SF 26 / GER 1989 CD VG+/VG 25,- €
...mehr Infos zu Crass Penis Envy

CD reissue with poster and booklet. Outer cardboard cover with little signs of ... more

Crass Records CC03 / UK 2010 CD VG+/Mint- 24,- €
...mehr Infos zu Crawlspace Solitude Smokestack Head

clear red vinyl ... more

Sympathy For The Record Industry SFTRI054 / USA 1990 7inch VG+/VG+ 5,- €
Creeping Disaster
...mehr Infos zu Creeping_Disaster Creeping Disaster

10inch with insert, Hardcore / Punk ... more

Positive Destruction POD 002 / GER 1988 10inch Mint-/Mint- 9,- €
...mehr Infos zu Croaks Croaks

Rockabilly from France. LP with printed inner sleeve. Tracklisting: A1 ... more

New Rose ROSE 218 / FRA 1990 LP VG+/Mint- 8,- €
Cucumbers, The
...mehr Infos zu Cucumbers_The Who Betrays Me ... And Other Happier Songs

first album with a slight Folk touch ... more

Fake Doom FDR 006 / USA 1985 LP VG/VG+ 8,- €
Culottes / Dimes
...mehr Infos zu Culottes_Dimes Culottes / Dimes

Split double CD, each band on one CD, in beautiful handmade cover, Melodic ... more

Tin Can It Sounded Good At The Time / USA 199? CD VG+/VG+ 12,- €
Cure, The
...mehr Infos zu Cure_The The Love Cats

German maxi-single in picture cover. Cover with light seam wear, no ... more

Fiction 815 570-1 / GER 1983 12inch VGVG+ 8,- €
Cure, The
...mehr Infos zu Cure_The Lullaby

German Maxi CD release. CD with light surface marks, print on the CD in ... more

Fiction FICCD29 / GER 1989 CD:Single VG+/VG 6,- €
...mehr Infos zu Cursive Art Is Hard / The Recluse

10inch picture disc in clear plastic sleeve with info ... more

Robotic Empire robo 045 / USA 2004 10inch VG+/Mint- 5,- €
...mehr Infos zu Curve Blackerthreetracker

Industrial Rock. Tracklisting: A1 Missing Link 4:19 B1 On The Wheel ... more

Anxious ANXT 42 / UK 1993 12inch VG/VG+ 5,- €
Cyan Revue
...mehr Infos zu Cyan_Revue Arm

Dark Wave / Goth Rock. With insert, writing on labels. Vinyl close to ... more

Yellow Ltd. EFA 15008-08 / GER 1988 LP VG/VG+ 9,- €
...mehr Infos zu Cylinder The Point Of Sleet

Guitar based Avantgarde Rock from Scotland sounding like 90s Tortoise, Chicago ... more

Vesuvius POMP 015 / UK 1998 12inch VG+/VG+ 5,- €