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Title Kanonen Auf Spatzen Beatsteaks
Description Digi-pak double CD with live recordings plus bonus DVD of a concert
in Berlin 2007. Everything in excellent like NEW condition.
Barcode: 5051442817225
CD1-1 As I Please 3:12
CD1-2 Monster 2:29
CD1-3 Atomic Love 2:52
CD1-4 Big Attack (Laut) 3:23
CD1-5 Cut Off The Top 3:49
CD1-6 Hail To The Freaks 4:11
CD1-7 I Don't Care As Long As You Sing 4:18
CD1-8 Jane Became Insane 6:11
CD1-9 E-G-O 3:23
CD1-10 Loyal To None 1:39
CD1-11 Hey Du 4:04
CD1-12 Frieda & Die Bomben 3:21
CD1-13 Summer 3:50
CD1-14 Let Me In 5:10
CD2-1 Panic 3:00
CD2-2 Not Ready To Rock 1:23
CD2-3 Demons Galore 3:23
CD2-4 Sharp, Cool & Collected 2:06
CD2-5 Meantime 2:21
CD2-6 Hello There 1:31
CD2-7 To Be Strong 3:22
CD2-8 What's Coming Over You 3:26
CD2-9 Hello Joe 3:36
CD2-10 Shiny Shoes 3:02
CD2-11 Soljanka 3:54
CD2-12 Soothe Me 2:55
CD2-13 Big Attack (Leise) 2:13
CD2-14 Hand In Hand 3:40
CD2-15 Schlecht 2:57
07.07.2007 Berlin / Wuhlheide
DVD-1 Intro
DVD-2 As I Please
DVD-3 Demons Galore
DVD-4 Monster
DVD-5 Coming Over You
DVD-6 Ain't Complaining
DVD-7 To Be Strong
DVD-8 Loyal To None
DVD-9 I Don't Care As Long As You Sing
DVD-10 Hail To The Freaks
DVD-11 Jane Became Insane
DVD-12 Summer
DVD-13 Panic
DVD-14 Big Attack
DVD-15 Hello Joe
DVD-16 Automatic Love
DVD-17 Hey Du
DVD-18 Frieda & Die Bomben
DVD-19 Hand In Hand
DVD-20 Soothe Me
DVD-21 Cut Off The Top
DVD-22 Let Me In
DVD-23 Outro
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12,- €  Warner Music 5053105-0295-2-5 / EU 2011 2CD Mint-/Mint-