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A Certain Ratio
...mehr Infos zu A_Certain_Ratio Good Together

With german info sheet and official promotion photo. Their first album after ... more

A&M 397 011-1 / NL 1989 LP VG-/VG+ 9,- €
A Hound Ensemble
...mehr Infos zu A_Hound_Ensemble A Hound Ensemble

Private released Post Punk / Garage Rock from Denmark. With printed inner ... more

A Hound Ensamble NA90 / DK 2012 LP Mint-/Mint 12,- €
A Kew's Tag
...mehr Infos zu A_Kew_s_Tag Double-Check When You Leave

First CD by the Alternative Rock band from Germany. Tracklisting: 1 Tomorrow ... more

Kew's Records KEWS20120001 / GER 2012 CD Mint-/Mint- 8,- €
A Tribe Called Knarf
...mehr Infos zu A_Tribe_Called_Knarf Es Ist Die Wahrheit Obwohl Es Nie Passierte

Indie / Electro by the former Huah! member. One non audible tiny mark in the ... more

Staatsakt 4260437150075 / GER 2015 LP VG+/VG+ 15,- €
A. Moore
...mehr Infos zu A_Moore Flying Doesn't Help

New Wave / Pop by Anthony Moore. There exist different cover editions, this is ... more

Quango HMG 98 / UK 1979 LP VG+/VG+ 6,- €
...mehr Infos zu A_GRUMH A Hard Knight's Day

Final CD album by the Belgian EBM / Industrial band. Aka ... more

Play It Again Sam Records SPV 84-6772 / GER 1989 CD Mint-/Mint- 9,- €
...mehr Infos zu ABC Selections From The Magnificent New ABC Long Player "Beauty Stab"

Flexi single to promote the album Beauty Stab. 80s Pop. ... more

Neutron MADDOX 1 / UK 1983 7inch Mint- 5,- €
Abstürzende Brieftauben
...mehr Infos zu Abst%FCrzende_Brieftauben Das Grauen Kehrt Zurück

12inch vinyl EP and picture sleeve in beautiful condition. German Punk / ... more

EMI Electrola 1C 060-20 35736 / GER 1989 12inch VG+/Mint- 10,- €
Active Media Disease
...mehr Infos zu Active_Media_Disease Lost

CD EP by the EBM / Industrial band from Finland. Barcode: ... more

Cyberware Productions NET 009 / FIN 1995 CD:Single Mint-/Mint 5,- €
Adam Ant
...mehr Infos zu Adam_Ant Manners & Physique

New Wave / 80s Pop. Tracklisting: A1 Room At The Top 4:42 A2 Rough Stuff ... more

MCA MCG 6068 / UK 1990 LP VG+/VG+ 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Adolar Die Kälte Der Neuen Biederkeit

Promo CD in black paper sleeve. Emo / Punk. Tracklisting: 1 Rauchen ... more

Zeitstrafe # 33 / GER 2013 CD VG+/VG+ 8,- €
Adult Net, The
...mehr Infos zu Adult_Net_The Incense And Peppermints

Band of Laura Elisse Salenger by The Fall, incl. one track written by Mark E. ... more

Beggars Banquet BEG 137T / UK 1985 12inch VG/VG+ 5,- €
Afghan Whigs
...mehr Infos zu Afghan_Whigs Do To The Beast

Vinyl edition of the long awaited comeback. Still sealed with info ... more

Sub Pop SP 1061 / USA 2014 2LP SS 22,- €
Agnes Kain
...mehr Infos zu Agnes_Kain Keep Walking Or I'll Kill You

Indie Folk by the Duo Chanelle Afford and Stefan Simunic from ... more

Half A Cow Records hac131 / AUS 2007 CD VG+/VG+ 8,- €
Agnostic Front
...mehr Infos zu Agnostic_Front My Life My Way

Hardcore from New York, influenced by Black Flag. Punk / ... more

Nuclear Blast 27361 23492 / GER 2011 CD Mint-/Mint- 8,- €
Ai Phoenix
...mehr Infos zu Ai_Phoenix The Driver Is Dead

Beautiful Norway based indie/slowcore band. CD has some scratches,but plays ... more

Racing Junior RJ003CD / NOR 2000 CD VG+/VG+ 7,- €
Aidan And The Italian Weather Ladies
...mehr Infos zu Aidan_And_The_Italian_Weather_Ladies Live And Sans Souci

Alternative Folk Tracklisting: 1 Into The Future 2 My Little Ole World ... more

Floatinghome fh06 / BEL 2011 CD VG+/VG+ 9,- €
Alarm, The
...mehr Infos zu Alarm_The Love Don't Come Easy

Limited maxi-single in numbered foldout poster cover. Produced by Tony ... more

I.R.S. EIRSTPB 134 / UK 1989 12inch VG+/Mint- 6,- €
Alien Boys
...mehr Infos zu Alien_Boys Alien Boy

Flexi single with a coverversion of the Wipers classic, played by the Punk band ... more

Anaconda ANNA 008 F - Trust 19 / GER 1989 7inch -/VG 4,- €
Alien Sex Fiend
...mehr Infos zu Alien_Sex_Fiend Haunted House

Oldschool House Remixes by DJ Cesare and Youth Tracklisting: A Haunted ... more

Rebel Rec. SPV 50-3010 / GER 1989 12inch VG+/Mint- 8,- €
Alien Sex Fiend
...mehr Infos zu Alien_Sex_Fiend Ignore The Machine

Very limited white vinyl edition 12inch in silver picture cover. Electro Remix ... more

Anagram SANA 11 / UK 1985 12inch Mint-/Mint- 18,- €
Alien Sex Fiend
...mehr Infos zu Alien_Sex_Fiend Stuff The Turkey / They All Call Me Crazee

Limited edition maxi-single in green vinyl. Very nice condition, no visible ... more

Plague - Anagram 12 ANA 40 / UK 1987 12inch VG+/VG+ 12,- €
Alkaline Trio
...mehr Infos zu Alkaline_Trio Goddamnit

Enhanced CD version of the US Punk album. Everything in excellent ... more

Kung Fu Europe ‎Kung Fu 78814-2 / EU 2003 CD VG+/VG+ 10,- €
All For Nothing
...mehr Infos zu All_For_Nothing To Live And Die For

Hardcore / Punk from the Netherlands. Black vinyl, in gatefold ... more

GSR Music GSR076 / NL 2012 LP Mint/Mint 15,- €
All Scars
...mehr Infos zu All_Scars Introduction To Humanity

Experimental / Punk from the States. Tracklisting: A1 0-1:44 A A2 ... more

Slowdime 25 / USA 1999 LP VG+/VG+ 6,- €
Almond, Marc
...mehr Infos zu Almond_Marc A Womans Story

The Soft Cell singer. Tracklisting: A1 A Woman's Story 3:40 A2 The Heel ... more

Virgin Some Bizzare 207762 / GER 1986 LP VG+/VG+ 5,- €
Alsmann, Götz
...mehr Infos zu Alsmann_G%F6tz The Keytones Meet Götz Alsmann

Original pressing of this LP by The Keytones & Götz Alsmann. Cover with a ... more

Roof Records RR 11 33 03 / GER 1985 LP VG/VG+ 15,- €
Alvin, Phil
...mehr Infos zu Alvin_Phil Un"Sung Stories"

Feat. Sun Ra And The Arkestra and The Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Alternative ... more

London Slash SLAP 12 / UK 1986 LP VG+/VG+ 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Amp Heart & Soul Dissolves

Clear green vinyl in original printed plastic sleeve. Contains 2 long ... more

Darla drl 038 / UK 1997 12inch VG+/VG+ 6,- €
...mehr Infos zu Amp Sirenes

Rare original first CD version on Wurlitzer Jukebox label. Experimental / ... more

Wurlitzer Jukebox WJ09 / UK 1996 CD VG+/VG+ 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Anajo Geboren für die Stadt

Self released CD from 2000 with autograph / Autogramm by all band members on ... more

Echolot / GER 2000 CD VG+/G 12,- €
...mehr Infos zu Anajo Drei

Still sealed LP by the Indie Pop band from Augsburg, Germany. Tracklisting: 1 ... more

Tapete TR199 / GER 2011 LP SS 8,- €
Anal Solvent
...mehr Infos zu Anal_Solvent Dung Slinga / Van Allen Belts

Experimental group centered around Greg Gallant, this time with some Wave / ... more

Tim Kerr Records TK 937067 / USA 1994 7inch Mint-/Mint- 5,- €
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
...mehr Infos zu And_You_Will_Know_Us_By_The_Trail_Of_Dead Baudelaire

orig. germany only promo CD with black cardboard sleeve ... more

Interscope 493248-1 / GER 2002 CD:Single VG/Mint 5,- €
Anderson, Brett
...mehr Infos zu Anderson_Brett Live at Koko 2011

Exclusive release by the Suede singer for Record Store Day 2017, pressed on ... more

Demon Records DEMREC 209 / EU 2017 LP SS 18,- €
Andi Sexgang
...mehr Infos zu Andi_Sexgang Arco Valley

Goth Rock / Glam Rock by the Sex Gang Children frontman. Feat Mick Ronson who ... more

Bellaphon 260 07 135 / GER 1988 LP VG+/Mint- 8,- €
Angelic Upstarts
...mehr Infos zu Angelic_Upstarts Greatest Hits Live

CD recorded live at the Retford Porterhouse, 13 August ... more

Dojo CD 127 / UK 1993 CD VG+/VG+ 10,- €
Animal Logic
...mehr Infos zu Animal_Logic Animal Logic

Alternative / Pop album by Stewart Copeland of The Police feat. Deborah Holland ... more

Virgin 209 928 / GER 1989 LP VG+/VG+ 7,- €
Anthem Eighty Eight
...mehr Infos zu Anthem_Eighty_Eight Define A Lifetime

Limited blue vinyl edition. US Hardcore / Punk. Tracklisting: A1 Take On ... more

No Idea 64 / USA 1999 LP VG+/VG+ 8,- €
Anthill Society
...mehr Infos zu Anthill_Society Low Life

Private released first CD by the Alternative Country Rock Band from ... more

AntHill Society / USA 2004 CD VG+/VG+ 14,- €
Anti Troppau Council, The
...mehr Infos zu Anti_Troppau_Council_The A Way Out

Garage Rock / Alternative Rock from Greece. With insert. Tracklisting: A1 ... more

Pegasus CP 91026 / GRE 1986 LP VG+/Mint- 28,- €
...mehr Infos zu Antipati Fragor Som Ror Det Allmanna

Still sealed LP. Oi Punk from Sweden. Tracklisting: A1 Grabbarna A2 ... more

Randale Ran 063 / GER 2010 LP SS 12,- €
Antwort, Die
...mehr Infos zu Antwort_Die Die Antwort

Bernd Begemann Band. Indie Pop from Hamburg. In beautiful condition, with ... more

RCA PL 71541 / GER 1987 LP VG+/Mint- 12,- €
Ape, The
...mehr Infos zu Ape_The The Ape

Indie Rock from Hamburg, feat. 1000 Robota. Comes with download-code. Still ... more

Clouds Hill Ltd. CH001 / GER 2009 LP SS 9,- €
Aqua Ardens
...mehr Infos zu Aqua_Ardens Aqua Ardens

Private released first CD by this Alternative Rock band from Saarbrücken, ... more

Heysel Records / GER 2005 CD VG+/VG+ 8,- €
Arab Strap
...mehr Infos zu Arab_Strap Dream Sequence - promo

Ltd. promo release contains 1 track in special cardboard picture sleeve with ... more

Chemikal Underground PChem081CD / UK 2005 CD:single VG+/Mint- 5,- €
Armageddon Dildos
...mehr Infos zu Armageddon_Dildos East West

EBM / Electro Disco. Beautiful condition. Tracklisting: A1 East West (Dildo ... more

Zoth Ommog ZOT 07 / GER 1990 12inch VG+/Mint- 9,- €
Arts And Decay
...mehr Infos zu Arts_And_Decay Stone Talk

Dark Wave / Goth Rock. With printed inner sleeve. Beautiful ... more

Hypnobeat 21561 / GER 1989 LP VG+/Mint- 7,- €
...mehr Infos zu Ash Nu-Clear Sounds

Promo edition CD in magnetic metal sleeve. Tracklisting: 1 Projects 2 Low ... more

Infectious INFECT60CDP / UK 1998 CD VG+/Mint- 9,- €
...mehr Infos zu Ash 1977 - Special Edition Autographed

Limited double CD autographed by Mark Hamilton, Rick McMurray and Tim ... more

Edel Facedown 0089552FAC / GER 1997 2CD VG+/VG 14,- €
...mehr Infos zu Ash Kablammo!

German CD pressing in excellent condition. Recent Indie album by the ... more

Ear Music 0210396EMU / GER 2015 CD Mint-/Mint- 6,- €
...mehr Infos zu Assfort Complete Assforterly <1990-'93>

CD compilation of tracks previously released on "Kakumei 2" (MCR), "Five ... more

Discipline Japan DISCCD17 / UK 1999 CD VG+/VG+ 9,- €
Asta Kask / Rolands Gosskör
...mehr Infos zu Asta_Kask_Rolands_Gossk%F6r Sista Dansen

CD reissue with live recordings from 1989. Swedish Punk. Tracklisting: 01 ... more

Beat Butchers ORCD3 / SVE 1995 CD Mint/Mint 12,- €
Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The
...mehr Infos zu Asteroids_Galaxy_Tour_The Out Of Frequency

Dig-Pak edition of their second album. CD is unplayed, like new! Synth-pop ... more

Small Giants 538001882 / UK 2012 CD Mint/Mint 7,- €
Astro Zombies, The
...mehr Infos zu Astro_Zombies_The Are Coming...

Debut album by french Psychobilly band! Sleeve and vinyl are in great ... more

Crazy Love CLLP 6461 / GER 1997 LP VG+/VG+ 20,- €
Atom And His Package
...mehr Infos zu Atom_And_His_Package Hamburgers

Vinyl version of the EP by the Elektro Punk / Elektro Clash project by Atom ... more

Company With The Golden Arm TCWTGA-006 / GER 2002 LP VG+/Mint- 6,- €
...mehr Infos zu Attwenger Most

German CD version of first album by the austrian Folk duo. Barcode: ... more

Trikont US-0174 / GER 1991 CD VG+/VG+ 7,- €
...mehr Infos zu Attwenger Pflug

German CD version of the second album by the austrian Folk duo. CD, booklet ... more

Trikont US-0185 / GER 1992 CD Mint-/Mint- 7,- €
...mehr Infos zu Attwenger Luft

German CD version of the third album by the austrian avantgarde Folk duo. This ... more

Trikont US-190 / GER 1993 CD Mint-/Mint- 7,- €
...mehr Infos zu Attwenger Song

German CD version of the 4th album by the austrian avantgarde Folk duo. This ... more

Trikont US-0239 / GER 1997 CD Mint-/Mint- 7,- €
...mehr Infos zu Attwenger Dog

German CD version of the 6th album by the austrian avantgarde Folk duo. This ... more

Trikont US-0340 / GER 2005 CD Mint-/Mint- 7,- €
Audience Killers
...mehr Infos zu Audience_Killers Floating Islands

CD with very light surface marks, plays perfect. Atmospheric Synth Pop / ... more

Trii House TRII001CD / EEC 2014 CD VG+/VG 9,- €
Auster, Sophie
...mehr Infos zu Auster_Sophie Dogs And Men

CD in cardboard cover. Folk / Songwriter / Pop. Tracklisting: 1 Bad ... more

Out Loud Music / USA 2015 CD Mint-/Mint- 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Ausweis Pas Demain

In gatefold sleeve with booklet, Avantgarde Wave Tracklisting: A Pas ... more

Poupee Pat PPK 02 / FRA 1987 7inch VG+/VG+ 14,- €
...mehr Infos zu Avengers Avengers

Reissue of the Punk classic feat. Penelope Houston on vocals. Originally ... more

Superior Viaduct SV077 / USA 2015 LP Mint / Mint 18,- €
Axolotls, The / Mensa
...mehr Infos zu Axolotls_The_Mensa The Axolotls / Mensa

Promo in white cover with little info sticker. Lo-Fi Alternative LP from ... more

Trombone BONE 1 C-76.23 094-01-1 / GER 1987 LP VG/VG+ 14,- €
...mehr Infos zu Azoth Stoneship Troopers

Private released Alternative Rock from Hamburg, Germany. CD still sealed ... more

Private / GER 2006 CD SS 12,- €
Aztec Camera
...mehr Infos zu Aztec_Camera Dream Sweet Dreams

Rare Japan CD incl. 3 more tracks. Incl. obi. Tracklisting: 1 Dream ... more

Warner WMC5-613 / JAP 1993 CD:Single VG+/VG+ 5,- €