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In addition to our recordshop in Hamburg (Germany) we are proud to offer you a very special selection of rare and in demand vinyl online. Our warehouse is full of precious records ready to enrich your collection.
The online shop is subdivided in different musical sections (as you can see there is a button for each section). Just click the button of your choice and you can browse the actual stock.
In case that you won’t find specific records in our online-shop, send your wantlist to sales@rekord.net.

Each record (and cover) in our shop passes through a careful examination. Thereafter we describe the condition with the usual terms like "Mint, Very Good, Good. a.s.o." and specify it with " + " and " - ". The first description is for the cover, the second for the


  Hip Hop   Elektro   Reggae   Exotica
Alternative   Rock and Pop   Jazz   Techno   metal
Drum and Bass   Disco Soul   Experimental   Classical
record. Besides there are mentioned year, country, label and labelcode for each record. Records with damages like
bad scratches, hooks and permanent noises are not listed in our shop. If you are interested in some of our
records just click the shopping card symbol behind to reserve them and send us a mail.
We will contact you as soon as possible (1 - 3 days).

with kind regards
the team of REKORD