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Naked Survival, The
...mehr Infos zu Naked_Survival_The Weisener Raus

Deutsch Punk coverversion of the Ton Steine Scherben song "Ich will nicht ... more

Private / GER 2000 7inch Mint-/Mint- Alternative 10,- €
Explosions In The Sky & David Wingo
...mehr Infos zu Explosions_In_The_Sky_David_Wingo Prince Avalanche: A Motion Picture Soundtrack

Promo CD, released without booklet / frontcover. Tracklisting: 1 Fires ... more

Temporary Residence Limited TRR222 / USA 2013 CD Mint-/Mint- Alternative 5,- €
Chills, The
...mehr Infos zu Chills_The Submarine Bells

Second album CD release by the Band from New Zealand. Tracklisting: 1 ... more

London 828 191-2 / EU 1990 CD Mint-/VG+ Alternative 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Gammalapagos Happily Ever After

Second CD album by the german Indie band from Leipzig. Musically influenced by ... more

Vervetone WE0501 / GER 2005 CD VG+/VG+ Alternative 7,- €
Thin White Rope
...mehr Infos zu Thin_White_Rope Exploring The Axis

Debut CD release. Tracklisting: 1 Down In The Desert 3:24 2 Disney Girl ... more

Demon - Zong CD 006 / UK 1985 CD VG+/VG+ Alternative 7,- €
A Tribe Called Knarf
...mehr Infos zu A_Tribe_Called_Knarf Es Ist Die Wahrheit Obwohl Es Nie Passierte

Indie / Electro by the former Huah! member. One non audible tiny mark in the ... more

Staatsakt 4260437150075 / GER 2015 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 15,- €
Adam Ant
...mehr Infos zu Adam_Ant Manners & Physique

New Wave / 80s Pop. Tracklisting: A1 Room At The Top 4:42 A2 Rough Stuff ... more

MCA MCG 6068 / UK 1990 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Merricks Silver Disc

Electro Pop LP. Tracklisting: A1 Disco Es Cultura A2 I'm Sick Of ... more

Sub Up SUB LP 35 / GER 2001 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 6,- €
...mehr Infos zu Anajo Drei

Still sealed LP by the Indie Pop band from Augsburg, Germany. Tracklisting: 1 ... more

Tapete TR199 / GER 2011 LP SS Alternative 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Gloria Geister

Deutsch Pop LP by Mark Tavassol from Wir Sind Helden and Klaas ... more

Grönland LPGRON147 / GER 2015 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 15,- €
Herrenmagazin Sippenhaft

Original autograph / Autogramm by band members on frontcover. With glasses ... more

Grand Hotel Van Cleef GHVC 093 / GER 2015 LP VG+/VG Alternative 17,- €
Holofernes, Judith
...mehr Infos zu Holofernes_Judith Ich Bin Das Chaos

Original autograph / Autogramm on frontcover. Inner sleeve with a little split ... more

Därängdängdäng Records / GER 2017 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 24,- €
2nd Communication
...mehr Infos zu 2nd_Communication Locked In Truth

Dark Wave / EBM. Was released with the music magazine "New Life" No. 46. In ... more

Art Sound Records ART 6 / CH 1989 7inch Mint-/Mint- Alternative 4,- €
Haig, Paul
...mehr Infos zu Haig_Paul Something Good

Rare Mini CD single by the singer of the Post Punk group Josef K. 80s Synth ... more

Circa YRCD 25 / UK 1989 CD:Single VG/VG+ Alternative 4,- €
...mehr Infos zu Hovercraft Zero Zero Zero One

Single by the Postrock band. Featuring Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam. Vinyl ... more

Repellent 0001 / USA 1995 7inch VG+/VG+ Alternative 5,- €
Kids' Crusade, The
...mehr Infos zu Kids_Crusade_The Sway

Hardcore / Emo / Punk. In foldout cover with band sticker. Tracklisting: A1 ... more

Sailin' On #6 / NL 2014 7inch VG/VG+ Alternative 4,- €
Residents, The
...mehr Infos zu Residents_The Freak Show

CD-ROM for Mac in cardboard cover with booklet. CD with a few ... more

The Voyager Company LS87 ISBN 1559404949 / USA 1994 CD VG/VG+ Alternative 12,- €
...mehr Infos zu Schwartzeneggar Goodbye To All That / Child Of The Times

Punk single feat. Steve Williams of Crass, the famous Anarcho Punk band, on ... more

Rugger Bugger Discs DUMP 011 / CAN 1992 7inch VG+/VG+ Alternative 5,- €
Screaming Trees
...mehr Infos zu Screaming_Trees A Fracture In Time

CD edition for the german market, identic to the regular UK version, just with ... more

Native NTVCD 29 - Skizzo SPV 85-4908 / GER 1988 CD VG+/VG+ Alternative 20,- €
Sister Elvis
...mehr Infos zu Sister_Elvis Ugly Lies For Pretty Girls

Rockabilly / Country from Germany. Vinyl with light surface marks, plays very ... more

A Kaos-Farm Product S.E. 007 / GER 199? 7inch VG/VG Alternative 8,- €
Various Artists
...mehr Infos zu Various_Artists Funky Alternatives Five - FA.05.90

EBM / Electro CD compilation. Tracklisting: 1 My Life With The Thrill Kill ... more

Concrete Productions - Pinpoint EFA CD 08582 - 26 / GER 1990 CD VG+/VG+ Alternative 7,- €
Woog Riots
...mehr Infos zu Woog_Riots King Of Pop

Recommended Wave / Folk single by the duo from Darmstadt, ... more

What's So Funny About SF 9898 / GER 2004 7inch VG+/VG+ Alternative 5,- €
...mehr Infos zu Hard-Ons Too Far Gone

In beautiful condition. Punk / Hardcore from Australia. Tracklisting: A1 ... more

Survival SUR 538 / NL 1993 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 24,- €
...mehr Infos zu Suede Suede

Still sealed Record Store Day 2018 release, limited edition of 2000 copies ... more

Demon Records DEMREC246 / UK & EU 2018 2LP SS Alternative 45,- €
Fair Sex, The
...mehr Infos zu Fair_Sex_The Outraged And Moved / Alaska

EBM / Electro Wave / Darkwave. Tracklisting: 1 Outraged And Moved (Floor ... more

Our Choice RTD 195.1133.3 / GER 1991 CD:Single Mint-/Mint- Alternative 5,- €
Flying Lizards
...mehr Infos zu Flying_Lizards Fourth Wall

Second album by the Electro Wave band of David Cunningham and Patti ... more

Virgin 203 240-320 / GER 1981 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 24,- €
Various Artists
...mehr Infos zu Various_Artists Like A Girl, I Want You To Keep Coming

Art Rock / Punk / Spoken Word compilation. Tracklisting: 1 Debbie Harry - ... more

Giorno Poetry Systems SERV 008 CD / UK 1989 CD VG+/VG+ Alternative 9,- €
Camberwell Now, The
...mehr Infos zu Camberwell_Now_The All's Well

Rare CD compilation of works by the project of former This Heat member Charles ... more

RecRec Music ReCDec 1015 / CH 1992 CD Mint-/Mint- Alternative 12,- €
...mehr Infos zu Dozer Supersoul

Clear green vinyl, looks and plays perfect. Limited edition of 1500. Stoner ... more

Man's Ruin MR-135 / USA 2000 10inch VG+/VG+ Alternative 20,- €
Escape With Romeo
...mehr Infos zu Escape_With_Romeo Autumn On Venus

Second CD release by the German Synth / Wave band. Tracklisting: 1 Rattle In ... more

Sound Factory RTD 359.0022.2 41 / GER 1991 CD Mint-/Mint- Alternative 12,- €
Inside Treatment
...mehr Infos zu Inside_Treatment Isolated Suburban Psychokillers In Coma

Industrial / Experimental Tracklisting: 1 Black Expression 5:18 2 Experiment ... more

Parade Amoureuse PHOE 09/CD / GER 1990 CD Mint-/Mint- Alternative 18,- €
...mehr Infos zu Lowlife From A Scream To A Whisper

Rare CD compilation of their best work. Tracklisting: 1 Ramafied 4:12 2 ... more

Nightshift Records UK LOLIF 7 CD / UK 1990 CD Mint-/Mint- Alternative 24,- €
Newman, Colin
...mehr Infos zu Newman_Colin Commercial Suicide

Original 1986 CD release, very relaxed and Ambient like album by the former ... more

Crammed Discs CRAM 045 CD / BEL 1986 CD VG+/Mint- Alternative 12,- €
...mehr Infos zu R_E_M_ Finest Worksong

Comes as a 3-inch CD single with free adaptor within a 5" ... more

I.R.S. Records 651320 2 / EU 1988 CD:Single VG+/VG+ Alternative 6,- €
Red Guitars
...mehr Infos zu Red_Guitars Slow To Fade

Rare first CD pressing of their debut album. The CD has some surface scratches, ... more

Self Drive Records SCAR CD1 / UK 1986 CD VG+/VG+ Alternative 12,- €
Strange, Richard & The Engine Room
...mehr Infos zu Strange_Richard_The_Engine_Room Going, Gone

Debut CD release. Synth Pop / Wave Tracklisting: 1 Damascus 6:05 2 The ... more

Interphon IPCD2006 / GER 1988 CD Mint-/Mint- Alternative 10,- €
Rolling Stones, The
...mehr Infos zu Rolling_Stones_The Honolulu 1966

Original Radio Broadcasts, numbered edition of 1500! Pressed on red ... more

London Calling LCLPC5011 / UK 2018 LP SS Alternative 20,- €
Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel
...mehr Infos zu Scraping_Foetus_Off_The_Wheel Hole - Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel

With insert, everthing in beautiful condition. Industrial Rock by Foetus, the ... more

Some Bizarre Womb FDL 3 / UK 1984 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 12,- €
...mehr Infos zu Musikexpress September 2009

Magazine incl. a split 7inch by Bloc Party and Simian Mobile ... more

September 2009 / GER 2009 Magazine Mint/Mint Alternative 5,- €
...mehr Infos zu Shampoo Trouble

Pink vinyl single with insert in clear plastic sleeve. All-Girl Pop ... more

Food 51 / UK 1994 7inch Mint-/Mint- Alternative 5,- €
Kelly, Scott And The Road Home
...mehr Infos zu Kelly_Scott_And_The_Road_Home The Forgiven Ghost In Me

Folk LP by the Neurosis member. Limited edition of 500 copies in red vinyl ... more

My Proud Mountain MPM LP 004 / GER 2012 LP Mint/Mint Alternative 24,- €
De Press
...mehr Infos zu De_Press East Block-2-Step

Wave / Funk. In Sonet cover with original info sticker. Tracklisting: A ... more

Sonet T-9651 / NOR 1991 7inch VG+/VG+ Alternative 8,- €
Bessere Zeiten
...mehr Infos zu Bessere_Zeiten Sanktionen Im Schutt

Indie Rock from Germany. Excellent condition! Tracklisting: A1 Krautzungen ... more

All Rock'n'Roll Speeds Up Records arnsu 000 009 / GER 2012 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 10,- €
Boa, Phillip & The Voodooclub
...mehr Infos zu Boa_Phillip_The_Voodooclub And Then She Kissed Her

Rare CD single release. Tracklisting: 1 And Then She Kissed Her 4:31 2 1/2 ... more

Polydor 879 503-2 / EU 1991 CD:Single Mint-/Mint- Alternative 9,- €
Controlled Bleeding
...mehr Infos zu Controlled_Bleeding Songs From The Drain

The sleeve has a tiny little tear from a removed price sticker, the vinyl looks ... more

Dossier ST 7550 / GER 1987 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 12,- €
His Name Is Alive
...mehr Infos zu His_Name_Is_Alive Home Is In Your Head

Experimental Rock Tracklisting: 1 Are You Coming Down This Weekend? 0:18 2 ... more

Rough Trade CAD 1013 CD / GER 1991 CD Mint-/Mint- Alternative 8,- €
Men 2nd
...mehr Infos zu Men_2nd The Antibody Songs

EBM / Electro act from Belgium. Tracklisting: A1 White Clouds Ahead 4:48 A2 ... more

Antler Records ANTLER 079 / BEL 1988 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 10,- €
Revolving Paint Dream
...mehr Infos zu Revolving_Paint_Dream Mother Watch Me Burn

Hard to find CD release. This is the former band of the legendary founder of ... more

Creation Records CRECD 039 / UK 1990 CD Mint-/Mint- Alternative 20,- €
...mehr Infos zu Tomboy Why

Short-lived Dance Wave project from the UK. The sleeve has some little signs of ... more

Island Records 12IS143 / UK 1983 12inch VG+/Mint- Alternative 15,- €
Freddie "Fingers" Lee
...mehr Infos zu Freddie_Fingers_Lee I Am A Nut

Rare Rockabilly CD. Original dutch Rockhouse edition, NOT the russian ... more

Rockhouse ROCKCD 9118 / NL 1991 CD VG+/Mint- Alternative 45,- €
Various Artists
...mehr Infos zu Various_Artists Caroline Now! The Songs Of Brian Wilson And The Beach Boys

White coloured vinyl double set in gatefold cover. Contains coverversions of ... more

Marina MA 50 / GER 2004 2LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 15,- €
Various Artists
...mehr Infos zu Various_Artists The British Psychedelic Trip Vol. 3 1966-1969

Vinyl with a lot of surface marks, plays with light crackles but no skips. 60s ... more

See For Miles Records Ltd. SEE 86 / UK 1987 LP VG/VG- Alternative 15,- €
Mirrors For Psychic Warfare
...mehr Infos zu Mirrors_For_Psychic_Warfare The Oracles Hex

Single by Scott Kelly of Neurosis and Sanford Parker. Red / black splatter ... more

My Proud Mountain MPM 009 LP / GER 2015 7inch Mint/Mint Alternative 9,- €
Various Artists
...mehr Infos zu Various_Artists Censorship Sucks!

Alternative / Punk compilation feat. The Pastels, Oi Polloi, The Shamen, Dog ... more

DDT DISPLP 13 / UK 1987 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 10,- €
Severed Heads
...mehr Infos zu Severed_Heads Clifford Darling, Please Don't Live In The Past

Beautiful copy of this double LP with recordings from 1979 to 1983. Electro ... more

Ink 16D / UK 1985 2LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 28,- €
...mehr Infos zu Beatsteaks House On Fire

Still sealed single from their album Boombox. Tracklisting: A1 House On ... more

Warner Music 5053105-0295-2-5 / EU 2011 10inch SS Alternative 9,- €
Cap'n Jazz
...mehr Infos zu Cap_n_Jazz Analphabetapolothology

Double CD repress, comes in jewelcase with 16 page booklet. This band later ... more

Jade Tree JT1036 / USA ? CD Mint-/Mint- Alternative 18,- €
Casa Electro Novo
...mehr Infos zu Casa_Electro_Novo Same Difference

Private released CDr. Electro Rock / Indie Rock. Tracklisting: 1 Space Junk ... more

Station00 / GER 2002 CD Mint-/Mint Alternative 5,- €
Liquid Laughter Lounge Quartet
...mehr Infos zu Liquid_Laughter_Lounge_Quartet May You Always Live With Laughter

LP by the Lounge / Swamp Rock band from Germany. In gatefold cover with ... more

Ritchie Records RitRec 028 / GER 2004 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 9,- €
Vaduz Who Makes The Money

Most of the songs laid back funky instrumentals. Faruk Green ... more

33rpm Records no. 011 / GER 2004 CD Mint-/Mint- Alternative 6,- €
Pearlfishers, The
...mehr Infos zu Pearlfishers_The A Sunflower At Christmas

CD by the band from Glasgow, Scotland. Tracklisting: 1 Snowboardin' 2 ... more

Marina MA 63 / GER 2004 CD Mint-/Mint- Alternative 6,- €
...mehr Infos zu Strumm Strumm EP

Private released CD-R by the Danish Indie Rock band. Tracklisting: 1 ... At ... more

Morningside Records / DK 2003 CD Mint-/Mint- Alternative 9,- €
Venus Vegas
...mehr Infos zu Venus_Vegas Gold

Alternative Space Pop. Tracklisting: 1 After The Rock Has Gone 2 Man ... more

Fanboy FAN 007c / GER 2001 CD VG+/VG+ Alternative 6,- €
Eniac / Experimental Dental School
...mehr Infos zu Eniac_Experimental_Dental_School Eniac / Experimental Dental School

Split CD by the Emocore / Alternative band from Hamburg and the Electro Wave ... more

The Company With The Golden Arm Records TCWTGA16CD / GER 2006 CD VG+/Mint- Alternative 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Stipplicon The Late Great Truth

Private released CD by Jack Dishel, who was a member of the Moldy Peaches and ... more

Pro Anti / USA 2001 CD Mint-/Mint Alternative 9,- €
Youth Tribe / Bandit Jazz
...mehr Infos zu Youth_Tribe_Bandit_Jazz The Blues & God

Punk / Hardcore from Germany. Tracklisting: 1 Youth Tribe - Lesson 2 ... more

Blurr 010 / GER 1996 CD Mint-/Mint Alternative 6,- €
...mehr Infos zu Fuehler Fuehler

Artrock / Postrock from Hamburg, Germany. Tracklisting: 1 Harry 5:43 2 Im ... more

Ostinato Schallplatten / GER 1997 CD VG+/VG+ Alternative 8,- €
Liquid Laughter Lounge Quartet
...mehr Infos zu Liquid_Laughter_Lounge_Quartet Yonder...Chickens Get Lonely

First CD by the Lounge / Swamp Rock band from Germany. CD with a few ... more

Ritchie Records RitRec 012 / GER 1999 CD VG+/VG Alternative 6,- €
Tricky Lobsters
...mehr Infos zu Tricky_Lobsters Dead Man's Ball

Hardrock / Rock & Roll from Germany. Tracklisting: 1 Tailgunner 2:32 2 ... more

Abandon PHOE 30442 / GER 2007 CD Mint/Mint Alternative 9,- €
Meanies, The
...mehr Infos zu Meanies_The Gangrenous

Punk / Garage Rock from Australia. CD with light surface marks, plays ... more

Au Go Go ANDA 132 / AUS 1991 CD VG+/VG Alternative 8,- €
Jad Fair & Kramer
...mehr Infos zu Jad_Fair_Kramer The Sound Of Music

Rare original US-CD still with original "OBI". The Half Japanese members with ... more

Shimmy Disc SHM-5095 / USA 1999 CD Mint-/Mint- Alternative 9,- €
Le Ton Mite
...mehr Infos zu Le_Ton_Mite Passe Compose Futur Conditionnel

STILL SEALED / NEW CD album with gatefold cardboard sleeve. Experimental Indie ... more

Made To Measure MTM 43 / BEL 2017 CD SS Alternative 10,- €
Little Wings
...mehr Infos zu Little_Wings Magic Wand

Promo CD album in regular jewelcase, booklet, white tray and insert with just a ... more

Ahornfelder AH10 / GER 2008 CD Mint-/Mint- Alternative 6,- €
Pop Levi
...mehr Infos zu Pop_Levi The Return To Form Black Magick Party

Promo only CD release housed with a insert in a specially shaped cover, sized ... more

Counter Records COUNTCD003P / UK 2007 CD VG+/VG+ Alternative 5,- €
Various Artists
...mehr Infos zu Various_Artists Summer Safari - The 5th Anniversary Edition

Limited promotion only 7inch vinyl release in a white paper sleeve stamped on ... more

CopaseDisques CDEP004 / GER 2005 7inch VG+/VG+ Alternative 5,- €
Pettibon, Raymond
...mehr Infos zu Pettibon_Raymond Flyer

Flyer to anounce the show by the Mike Watt band Il Sogno Del Marinaio in ... more

Hafenklang / GER 2017 Memorabilia Mint/Mint Alternative 1,- €
...mehr Infos zu Azoth Stoneship Troopers

Private released Alternative Rock from Hamburg, Germany. CD still sealed ... more

Private / GER 2006 CD SS Alternative 12,- €
Leitkegel / I Like Ambulance
...mehr Infos zu Leitkegel_I_Like_Ambulance Split 7"

Punk / Alternative Rock from Germany. Single, limited to 300 numbered ... more

My Favourite Chords mfc003 / GER 2014 7inch Mint-/Mint- Alternative 9,- €
Miracles, The Hunters
...mehr Infos zu Miracles_The_Hunters Miracles, The Hunters

Clear vinyl single, with lyric insert. Punk / Alternative. Tracklisting: A1 ... more

Pouzza HM022 / CAN 2013 7inch VG+/Mint- Alternative 6,- €
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft
...mehr Infos zu Deutsch_Amerikanische_Freundschaft Fünfzehn Neue DAF Lieder

CD with original info sticker on frontcover. Synth Pop / NDW by D.A.F. aka ... more

Superstar Recordings 0670602 / GER 2003 CD VG+/VG+ Alternative 10,- €
Golden Palominos, The
...mehr Infos zu Golden_Palominos_The Visions Of Excess

Avantgarde Rock feat. Bill Laswell, Anton Fier, Bernie Worrell a.o. Vocals by ... more

Movieplay Gold MPG 74050 / EEC 1997 CD VG+/VG Alternative 8,- €
Freewheelin Franklin Time Tunnel 62 Revisited

Cover with a light water damage at bottom. 60s Style Garage ... more

Middle Class Pig MCP 005 / GER 1998 7inch VG-/VG+ Alternative 5,- €
Rational Youth
...mehr Infos zu Rational_Youth City Of Night

Synth Pop / Electro Wave. Vinyl with just light hairlines, plays very well. ... more

Rams Horn RAMSH 1187 / NL 1983 7inch VG-/VG Alternative 5,- €
Big Chief
...mehr Infos zu Big_Chief Berlin '90

Grunge, recorded live in Berlin, Germany, 1990. Tracklisting: A Honey-Legged ... more

Blackbox BBX 006 / GER 1991 7inch VG+/Mint- Alternative 5,- €
Takahashi, Yukihiro
...mehr Infos zu Takahashi_Yukihiro_ A Night In The Next Life

Rare 3-panel digipak version of the Japan Synth-Pop / Songwriter album, ... more

Eastworld TOCT-6246 / JAP 1991 CD VG+/VG+ Alternative 10,- €
Lane, Robin
...mehr Infos zu Lane_Robin Heart Connection

US Power Pop. Tracklisting: A1 Hard Cover 3:33 A2 Believe In You ... more

Recon RE77 / UK 1984 12inch VG+/VG+ Alternative 5,- €
...mehr Infos zu Vono Dinner Für 2

NDW / Synth Pop from Germany. Originally released in 1982 on Sky ... more

Bureau B BB 277 / GER 2017 CD Mint-/Mint- Alternative 10,- €
Unfinished Sympathy, The
...mehr Infos zu Unfinished_Sympathy_The An Investment In Logistics

Alternative Rock from Spain. Tracklisting: A1 Glowbug A2 Prayers For Time ... more

Strange Fruit SF018 / GER 2003 LP VG+/VG Alternative 8,- €
Divine Comedy
...mehr Infos zu Divine_Comedy Foreverland

LP in gatefold cover with printed inner sleeve and download ... more

Divine Comedy Records Limited DCRL107LP / UK 2016 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 18,- €
Sharks, The
...mehr Infos zu Sharks_The_ Phantom Rockers

First album by the UK Rockabilly / Psychobilly group. Original black vinyl ... more

Nervous Records NERD 008 / UK 1983 LP VG/VG+ Alternative 20,- €
...mehr Infos zu Bandante Bang Bang

Still sealed single by George Vjestica, the guitarist for Nick Cave & The Bad ... more

Bandante 001 / UK 2017 7inch SS Alternative 8,- €
Cub Sport
...mehr Infos zu Cub_Sport This Is Our Vice

Promo CD in cardboard cover. Cover with little signs of storage, still in nice ... more

Nettwerk 0 6700 31089 1 1 / EU 2016 CD VG/VG+ Alternative 5,- €
Love A
...mehr Infos zu Love_A Eigentlich

Vinyl version of the German Emo / Post-Hardcore album. Cover comes still ... more

Rookie Records ‎RR108 / GER 2011 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 12,- €
Schoos, Benjamin
...mehr Infos zu Schoos_Benjamin_ Beau Futur

Vinyl version of the french Pop / modern Chanson album by the artist also known ... more

Freaksville Records FRVR46 / FRA 2014 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 8,- €
T E Morris
...mehr Infos zu T_E_Morris And You Were The Hunter

Album vinyl version with cd-size lyrics booklet. Vinyl album by the American ... more

Function Records FUNC072 / UK 2013 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Talisco Run

STILL SEALED / NEW vinyl version of the first album by the french Pop ... more

Virgin 060253794624 / EU 2014 LP SS Alternative 12,- €
...mehr Infos zu Vierkanttretlager Krieg & Krieg

Vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve, including 2 inserts, newspaper magazine and ... more

Buback BTT142-1 / GER 2015 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 15,- €
Walking On Cars
...mehr Infos zu Walking_On_Cars Everything This Way

Digipack CD with booklet in excellent condition. Indie Rock by Irish band ... more

Virgin EMI CDV 3143 / IRE 2016 CD VG+/VG+ Alternative 8,- €
Clean, The
...mehr Infos zu Clean_The_ Live Dead Clean

Rare vinyl EP by the famous band from New Zealand, so called "inventors of the ... more

Flying Nun Records LDC 001 / NZ 1986 12inch VG/VG+ Alternative 45,- €
...mehr Infos zu Prag Kein Abschied

Vinyl album by the German Indie Pop feat. actress Nora Tschirner, Erik ... more

Tynska Records / GER 2015 LP Mint-/Mint- Alternative 24,- €
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