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Gladbeck City Bombing
...mehr Infos zu Gladbeck_City_Bombing Unseen Tapes

Electro Punk. Private release in cardboard picture cover. ... more

Goldrand / GER 2000 CD Mint-/Mint- Elektro 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Timur Fiction Und Fraction

Lo-Fi Electronica / Home Recordings. Tracklisting: 1 Intro T.Kirk 2 ... more

Krikl-Krakl 007 / GER 2005 CD VG+/VG+ Elektro 6,- €
Macho Cat Garage
...mehr Infos zu Macho_Cat_Garage Freedom For The Macho Cat

Rare original Viewflex oldschool Electro release by the Dutch Duo Brian Schijf ... more

Viewlexx V12/15 / NL 2002 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 20,- €
SuperSonic Future
...mehr Infos zu SuperSonic_Future Leslie Family

Electro / Electro Pop from Russia feat. Oleg Kostrov. Tracklisting: 1 ... more

Solnze SCD 035 / RUS 2004 CD VG+/Mint Elektro 7,- €
K'bonus Never Say Never EP

Club Soul / Broken Beats. Close to mint. Tracklisting: A1 Never Say Never ... more

N.I.C.E. Records NICE1 / GER 2008 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 4,- €
...mehr Infos zu Muzi Boom Shaka

Experimental Fusion between Electronic Dance Music & Hip Hop from South Africa. ... more

We.The.Bundu 132051 / EU 2016 CD Mint-/Mint- Elektro 9,- €
Part Time Heroes
...mehr Infos zu Part_Time_Heroes Realise EP

Soulful & Spiritual Future Jazz EP by Ross Wakefield & Toby Vane feat. guest ... more

Mums The Word Records MTW001 / UK 2006 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 7,- €
Pet Shop Boys
...mehr Infos zu Pet_Shop_Boys A Red Letter Day

Italian DJ only 12inch vinyl release with simple white die-cut ... more

EMI 7243 8 83794 6 5 / ITA 1997 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 9,- €
...mehr Infos zu VEX VEX-1

US Electro / Electro Techno. Vinyl with light surface marks, plays very ... more

Vex VEX 001 / USA 1999 12inch VG+/VG Elektro 10,- €
...mehr Infos zu Silex Stark / Hybrid/ Sphere

Ltd Edition clear vinyl comes in original white die-cut sleeve with distributor ... more

Vibrant Music VM003 / GER 2001 12inch Mint-/Mint- Elektro 5,- €
...mehr Infos zu Bj%F6rk Hyperballad - David Morales & Todd Terry Mixes

Tracklisting: A Hyperballad (Davide Morales Classic Mix) 9:10 B ... more

One Little Indian Ltd.- Polygram 192TP 12DT / UK 1996 12inch Mint-/Mint- Elektro 6,- €
Dr. Atmo
...mehr Infos zu Dr_Atmo Man Made Motion

Great Frankfurt Ambient CD Album by Amir Abadi, former member of: Silence I&II ... more

Ritornell RIT 002 CD / GER 1999 CD Mint-/VG+ Elektro 6,- €
Shades Of Rhythm
...mehr Infos zu Shades_Of_Rhythm Shades Of Rhythm

Oldschool Electronic / Breakbeat album. Cover with light seam wear, no splits ... more

ZTT 9031-74104-1 / EEC 1991 LP VG/VG+ Elektro 9,- €
Hardcastle, Paul
...mehr Infos zu Hardcastle_Paul_ 19 - German Version

12inch version with unique german picture cover. Electro Disco / 80s ... more

Chrysalis 601 827 / GER1985 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 5,- €
...mehr Infos zu Conemelt Rocker's Ruin E.P.

Abstract Techno / D&B / IDM. Tracklisting: A1 Under The Hood A2 Sex ... more

iLL Records iLLXXX003 / UK 1997 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 4,- €
...mehr Infos zu Afronaught Code Breaker

Orig. promo Future Jazz Tracklisting: A Code Breaker 6:12 B Proximity ... more

R&S SAT004 / BEL 1998 12inch VG+ Elektro 4,- €
Duca, Curd
...mehr Infos zu Duca_Curd Elevator

Minimal / Electronica Tracklisting: 1 Vroom 0:30 2 Country 1:13 3 ... more

Mille Plateaux MP 047 CD / GER 1998 CD Mint-/VG+ Elektro 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Rumpistol Away

Promo CD-R with promo info sheet. Electronica / IDM. Tracklisting: 1 A ... more

Rump Recordings / DEN 2014 CD Mint-/Mint- Elektro 5,- €
Toxic Avenger, The
...mehr Infos zu Toxic_Avenger_The Romance & Cigarettes

Promo CD in cardboard cover. Electro Tracklisting: 1 Romance And Cigarettes ... more

Roy Music ROY 56 CDPRO / FRA 2013 CD VG/VG+ Elektro 5,- €
Arbeit, Schickert, Schneider
...mehr Infos zu Arbeit_Schickert_Schneider ASS

Neo-Krautrock project of former "Die Haut" member Jochen Arbeit, Schneider TM & ... more

Bureau B BB221 / GER 2016 LP Mint-/Mint- Elektro 12,- €
...mehr Infos zu 3Head Poem / Warning

Dubby Downbeat / D&B with "spoken word" vocals. In orig. sticker cover. One ... more

3Head 3H001 / UK 1999 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 5,- €
Fat Truckers
...mehr Infos zu Fat_Truckers The First Fat Truckers Album Is For Sale

Noisy UK Electro Pop / Breakcore / Synth Electro Punk by Ben Rymer (Jam ... more

International Deejay Gigolo 113 / GER 2003 2LP VG+/VG+ Elektro 12,- €
Team Doyobi
...mehr Infos zu Team_Doyobi Digital Music Volume 1

12inch vinyl in black die-cut sleeve with braille sticker, also including the ... more

Skam SKA032 / UK 2012 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 9,- €
...mehr Infos zu Dissidenten Remix.ed 2002 EP

Light surface marks, do not affect play. 3 track EP with promo info ... more

Exil 7349-6 / GER 2002 12inch VG+/VG Elektro 7,- €
...mehr Infos zu Funkst%F6rung Additional Productions - Ltd Edition

Limited edition in generic black sleeve with no track info. Compilation of ... more

Studio !K7 !K7R028LP / GER 1999 2LP VG+/VG+ Elektro 15,- €
Tommy Hools
...mehr Infos zu Tommy_Hools Untitled

Two untitled Trip Hop / Hip Hop Instrumentals. In orig. Kungfu Fighting ... more

Kung Fu Fighting Recording CHANME 01 / FRA 1998 7inch VG+/VG Elektro 7,- €
Earthen Sea
...mehr Infos zu Earthen_Sea An Act Of Love

Ambient / Techno CD. Tracklisting: 1 The Present Mist 4:39 2 About That ... more

Kranky krank208 / USA 2017 CD Mint/Mint Elektro 9,- €
Stargazer's Assistant, The
...mehr Infos zu Stargazer_s_Assistant_The Remoteness Of Light

Ambient CD. Tracklisting: 1 Agents Of Altitude 2 World Of Amphibia 3 ... more

House Of Mythology HOM 005 / UK 2016 CD Mint/Mint Elektro 10,- €
Van Hoen, Mark
...mehr Infos zu Van_Hoen_Mark Nightvision

Little cut-out hole in backcover, apart of that like new. Ambient / ... more

Saint Marie Records SMR087 / USA 2015 CD VG+/Mint Elektro 9,- €
...mehr Infos zu Zu Jhator

Ambient / Electronica / Jazz from Italy. Tracklisting: 1 Jhator: A Sky ... more

House of Mythology HOM 009 / UK 2017 CD Mint/Mint Elektro 10,- €
...mehr Infos zu Console Rocket In The Pocket

Original first pressing CD-album by Martin Gretschmann also known as Acid Pauli ... more

Virgin 8 46258 2 / EU 1998 CD VG+/VG+ Elektro 5,- €
Carretta, David
...mehr Infos zu Carretta_David_ The Rocket Sardine

First pressing of the 12inch vinyl in original brown company sleeve with ... more

International Deejay Gigolo 18 / GER 1998 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 5,- €
My Robot Friend
...mehr Infos zu My_Robot_Friend The Fake EP

12inch vinyl in original picture sleeve. Electro by American producer and ... more

Dekathlon Records DEKA 001 / GER 2002 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 4,- €
My Robot Friend
...mehr Infos zu My_Robot_Friend Why Won't You Call Me Back?

12inch vinyl in original picture sleeve. Chiptune / Electro / Experimental ... more

Proptronix PROP 005 / USA 2003 12inch Mint-/Mint- Elektro 5,- €
...mehr Infos zu Dagobert Ready To Rock

Double vinyl in beautiful condition. Classic Electro by the artist and ... more

Dominance Electricity ‎DR-013.002 / GER 2000 2LP Mint-/Mint- Elektro 12,- €
Jeans Team
...mehr Infos zu Jeans_Team Keine Melodien

The Dancefloor Electro Pop classic feat. MJ Lan & Peaches. Cover still in ... more

Kitty Yo KY00037MS / GER 2000 12inch Mint-/Mint- Elektro 6,- €
Machiste vs. The Isolations
...mehr Infos zu Machiste_vs_The_Isolations We Save The Musical Landscape

Including Skanfrom remix. Atmospheric Electro. Incl. 3 DIN A 4 inserts. A1 ... more

Thrill Beat Construction T.B.C. 003 / GER 2002 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 5,- €
Nu Science
...mehr Infos zu Nu_Science Return Backspace

Vinyl close to mint. Electro / Electronica. Tracklisting: A1 Party On ... more

A.D.S.R. 014 / GER 2002 LP VG+/VG+ Elektro 6,- €
Vive La Fete Tokyo Attaque Reprise

Tech House / Electro Pop from Belgium. Tracklisting: A1 Tokyo A2 Attaque ... more

Surprise 002 / BEL 2001 12inch VG+/VG Elektro 5,- €
Water Lilly
...mehr Infos zu Water_Lilly Sweet Aberration

Rockin' Electro by Monica Montesinos from Switzerland. Tracklisting: A1 You ... more

Mental Groove MG 027 / CH 2002 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 5,- €
Worldless People
...mehr Infos zu Worldless_People Positivity

12inch vinyl in die-cut sticker sleeve. Future Jazz, Deep House remixes of the ... more

Compost 088-1 / GER 2001 12inch VG+/Mint- Elektro 3,- €
...mehr Infos zu E-Men E-Men 3

Electro / Electro Pop including the nice dancefloor track "Animal ... more

Korrekt Gesprengt E-Men 03 / GER 200? 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 5,- €
...mehr Infos zu Fischerspooner Emerge

In picture cover, vinyl with a few very light surface marks, do not affect ... more

International Deejay Gigolo 61 / GER 2000 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 6,- €
...mehr Infos zu MAT101 Goodbye Mum!

Electro from Italy. Double LP in picture cover. Tracklisting: A1 Intro ... more

Balance Nature Plasmek 2 / ITA 1999 2LP VG+/VG+ Elektro 12,- €
Miss Kittin & The Hacker
...mehr Infos zu Miss_Kittin_The_Hacker Stock Exchange

Comes in original picture sleeve. Sleeve and vinyl in beautiful ... more

International Deejay Gigolo 104 / GER 2003 12inch Mint-/Mint- Elektro 5,- €
Palomo, Gabriel & Lee Chameleon
...mehr Infos zu Palomo_Gabriel_Lee_Chameleon Lunar

Electro / Techno Tracklisting: A1 Lunar (Original Mix) 5:00 A2 Lunar ... more

Zuvuya Recordings ZUV002 / USA 2004 12inch Mint-/Mint- Elektro 5,- €
Smash TV
...mehr Infos zu Smash_TV Rock On Boy

Electro. Tracklisting: A1 Rock On Boy A2 Electronic Boy B1 Errorlove ... more

Bpitch Control BPC 020 / GER 2001 12inch Mint-/Mint- Elektro 5,- €
...mehr Infos zu Trimmy Trimm Dich! International

Electro Pop / Neo Disco. Tracklisting: A1 Sports A2 Don't Give Up B1 ... more

Bedroht 01 / GER 2001 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 4,- €
...mehr Infos zu Solvent Solvent City

IDM / Electro. Tracklisting: A1 Some Assembly Required A2 Solvent City ... more

Morr Music MM013 / CAN 1999 LP Mint-/Mint- Elektro 12,- €
Bangkok Impact
...mehr Infos zu Bangkok_Impact Aspirin / Junge Dame Mit Freundliche Tel

Rare first presssing with dancing robots artwork. 12inch vinyl in slim white ... more

Creme Organization CRO 12-03 / NL 2002 12inch VG+/Mint- Elektro 18,- €
Brishni Brashni
...mehr Infos zu Brishni_Brashni Die Retro Metro

German Electro Pop / Techno Pop album. Comes in slim picture ... more

Brishni Brashni Records 3131969 / GER 2003 LP VG+/VG+ Elektro 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Electronome Music Telex

Reissue of the rare third release of Ronald Klaver originally released in 1998 ... more

Murder Capital M-005 / Netherlands 2001 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 20,- €
...mehr Infos zu Hometrainer Trained To Be A Dancer

Minimal Techno & Electro. 12inch vinyl in original picture sleeve still ... more

Doxa Records MS-64551 / GER 2000 12inch Mint/VG Elektro 5,- €
Kap Bambino
...mehr Infos zu Kap_Bambino Naz4

12inch vinyl limited to 300 copies in a blank cardboard sleeve, stamped with ... more

Wwilko ww001 / FRA 2002 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 12,- €
...mehr Infos zu Perspects The Third And Final Report

Black vinyl version of the US-Electro release, produced by Ian Richard Clark ... more

Interdimensional Transmissions IT 19 / USA 2003 12inch Mint-/VG+ Elektro 7,- €
...mehr Infos zu Ra-X Leben Und Tod

Hard Dutch oldschool Electro by Vincent Koreman aka Drvg Cvltvre. Comes in ... more

Kommando 6 K6-X / GER 2003 12inch Mint-/Mint- Elektro 28,- €
Alden Tyrell
...mehr Infos zu Alden_Tyrell Love Explosion

Rare original first Dutch VIEWLEXX pressing with company sleeve. Everything ... more

Viewlexx V12/6 / NL 1999 12inch Mint-/Mint- Elektro 15,- €
Ben E Clock
...mehr Infos zu Ben_E_Clock I love U

Electro 12inch release on the Famous Berlin Techno label WMF. 12inch vinyl in ... more

WMF Records WMFREC EP001 / GER 2000 12inch VG+/Mint- Elektro 5,- €
Mr. Velcro Fastener
...mehr Infos zu Mr_Velcro_Fastener Who's Gonna Bend

Limited edition 12inch in blue coloured vinyl with stickered clear plastic ... more

i220 i220-025 / GER 2000 12inch VG/VG+ Elektro 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Neonman Supermodelterrorist

12inch vinyl in original picture sleeve. Everything in beautiful ... more

Lasergun lasergun 022 / GER2003 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 4,- €
...mehr Infos zu Neonman Future Is Pussy

12inch vinyl in original picture sleeve. Everything in beautiful ... more

1st Decade Records 1st011 / GER 2002 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 4,- €
Parallax Corporation, The
...mehr Infos zu Parallax_Corporation_The_ Cocadisco II

Rare sticker-cover version with plain black labels. Modern Synth-Pop / ... more

Viewlexx V12/11 / NL 2000 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 15,- €
Dare, Douglas
...mehr Infos zu Dare_Douglas Seven Hours

Close to mint. Cover still in shrink, with insert. Tracklisting: A1 Seven ... more

Erased Tapes eratp051ep / UK 2013 10inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 12,- €
Op:l Bastards
...mehr Infos zu Op_l_Bastards Don't Bring Me Down

Electro coverversion of the Electric Light Orchestra song. Aka Opel ... more

Form & Function F&F035 / GER 2001 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 5,- €
Orgue Electronique
...mehr Infos zu Orgue_Electronique Arcadia EP

Dutch 6 track Electro EP by Brian Schijf. Tracklisting: A1 Serial Killer Pt. ... more

Stilleben 013 / SWE 2002 12inch VG+/Mint- Elektro 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Drexciya Drexciya 3 - Molecular Enhancement

12inch in black die-cut sleeve. Everything in beautiful condition. Classic ... more

Rephlex CAT. 017 / UK 1994 12inch VG+/Mint- Elektro 25,- €
...mehr Infos zu Ectomorph Destroy Your Powercenters

Black vinyl pressing LP in die-cut company sleeve. Everything in beautiful ... more

Interdimensional Transmissions IT 13 / USA 1999 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 15,- €
...mehr Infos zu i-f Portrait Of A Dead Girl 1: The Cause

Rare Electro release by Ferenc E. van der Sluijs (aka Beverly Hills 808303, ... more

Disko B 51 / GER 1996 12inch Mint-/Mint- Elektro 20,- €
...mehr Infos zu I-f The Man From PACK

Rare double vinyl version of the oldschool Electro album by Ferenc E. van der ... more

Viewlexx Disko B DB83 / GER 1999 2LP VG+/Mint- Elektro 25,- €
...mehr Infos zu Kitbuilders Slyder EP

Oldschool Electro / Synth Pop by the Duo from Cologne, Germany. Also known as ... more

World Electric WE011 / GER 2001 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 5,- €
Louie Austen Feat. Senor Coconut And His Orchestra
...mehr Infos zu Louie_Austen_Feat_Senor_Coconut_And_His_Orchestra Dreams Are My Reality EP

Weird coverversion of the title theme to the movie "La Boom" the Latin way by ... more

LA Music amdj002 / GER 2007 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 8,- €
Netzwerk Europa aka Anthony Rother and Max Durante
...mehr Infos zu Netzwerk_Europa_aka_Anthony_Rother_and_Max_Durante Netzwerk Europa

Electro project by Anthony Rother and Max Durante / rare with orig. blue ... more

Psi49net Psi007 / GER 2000 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 5,- €
...mehr Infos zu OTOTAX Ototax 2 - Resigning Commission

Electronica / Experimental album by Ben Spaander aka Cosmic Force, Dr. Switch, ... more

Phlegmatik Phlegmatik 003 / NL 2001 LP Mint-/Mint- Elektro 8,- €
Rother, Anthony
...mehr Infos zu Rother_Anthony Die Macht

Rare vinyl version with picture sleeve. Vinyl is excellent. Cover with only ... more

Psi49Net PSI020 / GER 2002 12inch VG/Mint- Elektro 12,- €
...mehr Infos zu Sikora Abend:skool

Tracklisting: A1 Prag Eins A2 Les Baguettes Enfants A3 Prag ... more

Klang Elektronik 24 / GER 1998 12inch Mint/Mint Elektro 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Senking Ping

Minimal Electronics & Ambient. Tracklisting: A1 Score A2 Ringe ... more

Karaoke Kalk 8 / GER 1999 12inch VG+/Mint- Elektro 4,- €
When Saints Go Machine
...mehr Infos zu When_Saints_Go_Machine Fail Forever

Electro Pop from Denmark. CD with light surface marks, plays ... more

Studio !K7 !K7281LCD / GER 2009 CD VG+/VG Elektro 8,- €
DJ Koze aka Adolf Noise
...mehr Infos zu DJ_Koze_aka_Adolf_Noise Wo Die Rammelwolle Fliegt

Rare Digipak CD version of Stefan Kozalla's only album under his moniker Adolf ... more

Buback BTT 78-2 / GER 2005 CD Mint-/Mint- Elektro 14,- €
...mehr Infos zu Supatone Yorulamenta!

Downbeat / Future Jazz by Jackmate aka Soulphiction. 12inch vinyl in original ... more

Pauls Musique PM 1201 / GER 2000 12inch Mint-/Mint- Elektro 5,- €
Aphex Twin
...mehr Infos zu Aphex_Twin Drukqs - Sampler

5 track promo CD in plastic envelope with picture insert. Tracklisting: 1 ... more

Warp WARPCD92P / UK 2001 CD VG+/VG+ Elektro 8,- €
Aphex Twin
...mehr Infos zu Aphex_Twin Drukqs 2 Track Promo

2 track promo CD in plastic cover with original info sticker. The tracks are ... more

Warp DRUKQS1CD / UK 2001 CD:Single VG+/Mint- Elektro 24,- €
Avenue D
...mehr Infos zu Avenue_D As Free As We Wanna Be

Electro Punk / Hip Hop from New York, USA. CD in digi-cover. Tracklisting: 1 ... more

Avenue Dreams / USA 2005 CD VG+/VG+ Elektro 24,- €
...mehr Infos zu Bombee Aurelia EP

Promo only CD edition in cardboard cover. CD with light hairlines, plays ... more

Bombee - Snowhite / EU 2013 CD VG+/VG+ Elektro 9,- €
Schwarz Dont Crack
...mehr Infos zu Schwarz_Dont_Crack All My Love

Rare promo only CD single in cardboard picture cover. Electro / Synth ... more

Nettwerk / EEC 2015 CD:Single Mint-/Mint- Elektro 6,- €
...mehr Infos zu Bj%F6rk Who Is It / Where Is The Line

Rare promo only whitelabel 12inch with 2 remixes derived from cancelled "Where ... more

One Little Indian 482 TP / UK 2005 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 10,- €
Various Artists
...mehr Infos zu Various_Artists O-parts_004

4 track vinyl compilation of Abstract Breakbeat, Dub Electro & Downbeat from ... more

O-parts Recordings O-parts 004 / JAP 2002 12inch VG/VG+ Elektro 10,- €
O'Brien, Ian
...mehr Infos zu O_Brien_Ian Gigantic Days

Electro Funk & Future Jazz. Tracklisting: A1 Amorous Perspective A2 ... more

Peacefrog PF083 / UK 1999 2x12inch Mint-/Mint- Elektro 10,- €
...mehr Infos zu O_Neill No Flies On Frank

Nu Jazz / Downbeat. Tracklisting: A1 Early Morning Surprise A2 Moon ... more

Artefact ART 16 / FRA 1998 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 5,- €
...mehr Infos zu Deru Pushing Air

Beautiful IDM, Electronic Ambient Music & Abstract Minimal Electronics album by ... more

Neo Ouija NEO 19 LP / UK 2003 LP VG+/VG+ Elektro 18,- €
...mehr Infos zu Gescom Skull Snap EP

Abstract Hip Hop / IDM Electro release by the famous Group well known from ... more

Skullsnap Records SKULL 5 / EU 2011 12inch VG+/VG+ Elektro 7,- €
Nonplace Urban Field
...mehr Infos zu Nonplace_Urban_Field Nonplace Urban Field

Very first CD only album by Bernd Friedmann aka Burnt Friedman, recorded 92/93 ... more

Wigwam WIGWAM 4 / GER 1993 CD Mint-/VG+ Elektro 26,- €
Cactus Rain
...mehr Infos zu Cactus_Rain In Our Own Time

LP with printed inner sleeve. Cover and record in fantastic condition. Early ... more

10 Records DIX 96 / UK 1991 LP Mint-/Mint- Elektro 6,- €
Krupps, Die
...mehr Infos zu Krupps_Die Stahlwerkrequiem

Excellent condition, played only once! This recording features Pyrolator aka ... more

Bureau B BB213 / EU 2016 LP Mint/Mint- Elektro 14,- €
Populäre Mechanik
...mehr Infos zu Popul%E4re_Mechanik Kollektion 03

Nice collection of the works by Wolfgang Seidel, compiled by Holger Hiller of ... more

Bureau B BB 186 / GER 2015 LP Mint-/Mint- Elektro 12,- €
Roedelius, Hans-Joachim
...mehr Infos zu Roedelius_Hans-Joachim Kollektion 02: Roedelius / Electronic Music

Nice collection of Roedelius' works, compiled by Lloyd Cole. New & unplayed ... more

Bureau B BB 187 / GER 2014 LP Mint/Mint Elektro 15,- €
...mehr Infos zu Eskmo Eskmo

Experimental Downbeat / IDM / Glitch Electronica album by the San Francisco ... more

Ninja Tune ZEN161 / UK 2010 2LP Mint-/Mint- Elektro 28,- €
Jung, Robert
...mehr Infos zu Jung_Robert Untitled

Very limited Edition vinyl album, with handmade silk-screen printed cover. ... more

Lit lit01 / GER 2012 LP Mint-/VG+ Elektro 9,- €
Jacques Palminger & Viktor Marek
...mehr Infos zu Jacques_Palminger_Viktor_Marek Pudel Produkte 9

Weird German Spoken Word & Rap release in Electro Pop / Dub Pop / Dub Step ... more

Nobistor none / GER 2009 12inch VG/VG+ Elektro 25,- €
Von Deyen, Adelbert
...mehr Infos zu Von_Deyen_Adelbert Atmosphere

Reissue CD release, comes in Digi-pak sleeve. New & unplayed copy! Synth ... more

Bureau B BB 239 / GER 2012 CD Mint/Mint Elektro 12,- €
...mehr Infos zu Worriedaboutsatan Even Temper

Promo CD-R in handmade cardboard cover. Cover and title are stamped and a photo ... more

None / UK 2015 CD VG+/VG+ Elektro 14,- €
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