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Waldemar Wunderbar Syndikat
...mehr Infos zu Waldemar_Wunderbar_Syndikat I Make You Feel Good

German all star band feat. Curt Cress, Udo Lindenberg a.o. with a kind of Funk ... more

Telefunken 6.22656 AS / GER 1976 LP VG+/VG+ Rock & Pop 10,- €
...mehr Infos zu Beatles Help / I'm Down

German pressing in original black Apple sleeve. Shiny vinyl with no marks. ... more

Odeon 1C 006-04 456 / GER 197? 7inch VG+/VG+ Rock & Pop 9,- €
Becaud, Gilbert Le Jour Où La Pluie Viendra

French Chanson. Tracklisting: A1 Le Jour Où La Pluie Viendra A2 Viens ... more

Marcato 42 231 / GER 196? 7inch VG+/VG+ Rock & Pop 5,- €
Mahler, Gustav
...mehr Infos zu Mahler_Gustav Symphonie Nr.1 "Der Titan"

Played by Symphonie-Orchester Des Bayerischen Rundfunks, conducted by Rafael ... more

Deutsche Grammophon 139 331 SLPM / GER 1968 LP VG+/VG+ Classical 12,- €
...mehr Infos zu Mint 04/18 - Jack White

Das Magazin Für Vinylkultur. Ausgabe Nr. 19, April 2018 mit dem Thema Jack ... more

Mint 04/18 / GER 2018 Magazine Mint/Mint Rock & Pop 6,- €
Rolling Stones
...mehr Infos zu Rolling_Stones A Bigger Bang Info Folder

DIN A 4 promo info folder to the release of the A Bigger Bang album and the ... more

EMI - Virigin / GER 2005 Memorabilia VG+/VG+ Rock & Pop 9,- €
Theodorakis, Mikis
...mehr Infos zu Theodorakis_Mikis Strose To Stroma Sou / Doxa To Theo

Greek single in original beige His Master's Voice sleeve. World Music / ... more

His Master's Voice 7PG 3413 / GRE 1964 7inch VG+/VG+ Exotica 5,- €
Tschaikowsky, Peter Sinfonie Nr. 4 F-Moll Op. 36 / Sinfonie Nr. 5 E-Moll Op. 64

Played by Leningrader Philharmonie, conducted by Kurt Sanderling and Jewgenij ... more

Deutsche Grammophon QQ 71 146 / GER 1962 2LP VG+/VG+ Classical 9,- €
Yennítsaris, Michalis / Stratos Dionysiou Empika Mes Sto Kapileio / Oneiro Itan I Agapi

Greek single in original beige His Master's Voice sleeve by the popular Greek ... more

His Master's Voice 7PG 3763 / GRE 1967 7inch VG/VG+ Exotica 9,- €
Bowie, David
...mehr Infos zu Bowie_David David Live

Rare italian pressing with "Band Intro" and two more tracks not released on ... more

EMI 2-62 795362 1 / IT 1990 2LP VG/VG- Rock & Pop 18,- €
...mehr Infos zu Portrait Portrait

UK vinyl pressing with picture sleeve and original black inner sleeve. 90s ... more

Capitol EST 2193 / UK 1992 LP VG+/VG+ Soul & Funk 18,- €
...mehr Infos zu Toto The Seventh One

European pressing with printed inner sleeve. Tracklisting: A1 Pamela ... more

CBS 460645 1 / NL 1988 LP VG+/VG+ Rock & Pop 8,- €
Ende, Michael
...mehr Infos zu Ende_Michael_ Momo Und Die Grauen Herren

Radioplay, Spoken Word album of the famous fantasy novel by Michael Ende. ... more

Fontana 9294 034 / GER 1975 LP VG/VG+ Exotica 14,- €
Kaye, Danny
...mehr Infos zu Kaye_Danny Danny Kaye For Children

Original 50s USA Stereo version of this Spoken Word, Novelty album by the ... more

Decca DL 78726 / USA 1959 LP VG+/VG+ Exotica 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Delorentos True Surrender

CD album with beautiful gatefold cardboard cover. Everything in excellent like ... more

Delo Records 018 / IRE 2018 CD Mint-/Mint- Alternative 9,- €
Le Tigre
...mehr Infos zu Le_Tigre Feminist Sweepstakes - Poster

Poster to the release of the Feminist Sweepstakes album. Little water damage ... more

Chicks On Speed Records / GER 2001 Poster VG/VG Alternative 10,- €
...mehr Infos zu Plaid Trainer - Poster

Poster to the release of the Trainer album. Printed on both sides with ... more

Warp / UK 2000 Poster VG+/VG+ Elektro 10,- €
Väth, Sven
...mehr Infos zu V%E4th_Sven In The Mix: The Sound Of The First Season - Poster

Poster to the release of the In The Mix: The Sound Of The First Season ... more

Cocoon / GER 2000 Poster VG+/VG+ Elektro 10,- €
Badu, Erykah
...mehr Infos zu Badu_Erykah Tour Poster

Poster to the German Tour 2000. Stored rolled. Size: ca 58 x 42 ... more

Rap.De / GER 2000 Poster VG+/VG+ Soul & Funk 10,- €
DJ Harvey
...mehr Infos zu DJ_Harvey Poster

Signed poster for the DJ set at Baalsaal, Hamburg, Germany, 24.06.2011. Stored ... more

Baalsaal / GER 2011 Poster VG+/VG+ House & Techno 25,- €
DJ Harvey
...mehr Infos zu DJ_Harvey Poster

Poster for the DJ set at Baalsaal, Hamburg, Germany, 24.06.2011. Stored ... more

Baalsaal / GER 2011 Poster VG/VG House & Techno 10,- €
...mehr Infos zu Lootpack Soundpieces: Da Antidote! - Poster

Poster to the release of the Soundpieces: Da Antidote! album and to the Europe ... more

Stones Throw / GER 1999 Poster VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 25,- €
...mehr Infos zu Sebadoh The Sebadoh - Poster

Poster to the release of the The Sebadoh album. Sebadoh was the band of Lou ... more

City Slang / GER 1999 Poster VG+/VG+ Alternative 9,- €
Timony, Mary
...mehr Infos zu Timony_Mary Mountains - Poster

Promo poster to the Mountains album release. Stored folded so it has two ... more

Matador / USA 2000 Poster VG+/VG+ Alternative 10,- €
Various Artists
...mehr Infos zu Various_Artists Superrappin - Poster

Poster to the release of the Superrappin compilation album feat. Rasco, Walkin' ... more

Groove Attack Productions / GER 1999 Poster VG+/VG+ Hip Hop 10,- €
Various Artists
...mehr Infos zu Various_Artists Glücklich - Poster

Poster to the release of the Glücklich compilation on the Compost label. A ... more

Compost / GER 1994 Poster VG+/VG+ Soul & Funk 10,- €
39 Clocks
...mehr Infos zu 39_Clocks Next Dimension Transfer

Very lo-fi and spaced out german New Wave band in Velvet Underground vein. ... more

Tapete Records ‎TR405 / GER 2019 5LP SS Alternative 90,- €
King Diamond
...mehr Infos zu King_Diamond Forget The Fates

Live recording of a concert in 1986. It's not finally assured if this concert ... more

Dance & Ball Enterprises 910.002 / SWE 1986 LP VG+/VG+ Metal 60,- €
Allen, Tony
...mehr Infos zu Allen_Tony Tour Poster

Poster to the german tour 2000 by the Afro Beat legend Tony Allen And Afro Beat ... more

dexDeluxe / GER 2000 Poster VG/VG Soul & Funk 25,- €
...mehr Infos zu Constellation Label - Poster

Poster to promote the acts from the Constellation label like Godspeed You! ... more

Constellation / USA 199? Poster VG+/VG+ Alternative 5,- €
Death In June
...mehr Infos zu Death_In_June Operation Hummingbird - Flyer

Flyer to the release of the Operation Hummingbird album on NER. Size: ca 21 x ... more

New European Recordings / UK 1999 Poster VG+/VG+ Alternative 5,- €
Erlend Oye
...mehr Infos zu Erlend_Oye Unrest - Poster

Poster to the release of the Unrest album, the debut by Erlend Oye. Stored ... more

Source / UK 2003 Poster VG/VG Alternative 18,- €
Folk Implosion
...mehr Infos zu Folk_Implosion One Part Lullaby - Poster

LP sized poster to the One Part Lullaby album. Size: ca 30 x 30 cm. ... more

Domino / UK 1999 Poster VG+/VG+ Alternative 5,- €
...mehr Infos zu Fugazi Instrument Soundtrack - Poster

Poster to the release of the album and the film Instrument by Fugazi. Stored ... more

Dischord / GER 1999 Poster VG+/VG+ Alternative 10,- €
Gimmicks, The
...mehr Infos zu Gimmicks_The Honeymoon's Over - Poster

Poster to the release of the Honeymoon's Over album. Stored center ... more

Estrus / USA 2000 Poster VG+/VG+ Alternative 5,- €
Henry Rollins Band
...mehr Infos zu Henry_Rollins_Band Tour Poster

Original poster to the tour in Germany 1988. Carefully stored folded in a ... more

? / GER 1988 Poster VG+/VG+ Alternative 50,- €
Kruder & Dorfmeister
...mehr Infos zu Kruder_Dorfmeister K&D Sessions - Poster

Poster to the release of the K&D Sessions album. Stored folded so it has two ... more

!K7 / GER 1998 Poster VG/VG Elektro 15,- €
...mehr Infos zu Mekons Journey To The End Of The Night - Poster

Poster to the release of the Journey To The End Of The Night album. Stored ... more

Quarterstick / USA 2000 Poster VG+/VG+ Alternative 10,- €
Mr. Oizo
...mehr Infos zu Mr_Oizo Flat Beat - Poster

Poster to the release of the Flat Beat single. Stored folded so it has a ... more

F Communications / EEC 1999 Poster VG/VG Elektro 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Spermbirds Tour Poster

Tour poster by the legendary Punk / Hardcore band also anouncing the Set An ... more

Common Thread / GER 2004 Poster VG+/VG+ Alternative 18,- €
...mehr Infos zu Tortoise TNT - Poster

LP sized poster to the One Part Lullaby album. Stored folded. Size: ca 83 x ... more

City Slang / GER 1999 Poster VG+/VG+ Alternative 12,- €
Trans Am
...mehr Infos zu Trans_Am Futureworld - Poster

Poster to the release of the Futureworld album. Stored folded so it has two ... more

Thrill Jockey / USA 1999 Poster VG+/VG+ Alternative 10,- €
...mehr Infos zu Ween White Pepper - Postcard

Promo postcard to the release of the "White Pepper" album. Size: 15 x 10,5 cm ... more

Mushroom / UK 2000 Memorabilia Mint-/Mint- Alternative 2,- €
White Stripes
...mehr Infos zu White_Stripes De Stijl - Poster

Poster to the release of the DE Stijl album. Stored center folded.. Size: ca ... more

Sympathy For The Record Industry / USA 2000 Poster VG/VG Alternative 25,- €
...mehr Infos zu Nebula Tour Poster

Promo poster to the Europe tour 2002 with El Caco. Stored folded so it has ... more

Scorpio / GER 2002 Poster VG/VG Alternative 20,- €
Cat Power
...mehr Infos zu Cat_Power Covers Record - Poster

Promo poster to the Covers Record album release. Stored folded so it has two ... more

Domino / UK 2000 Poster VG+/VG+ Alternative 10,- €
Oldham, Will
...mehr Infos zu Oldham_Will Guarapero Lost Blues 2 - Poster

Promo poster to the Guarapero Lost Blues 2 album release by Will Oldham aka ... more

Domino / UK 1999 Poster VG+/VG+ Alternative 12,- €
...mehr Infos zu Quickspace The Death Of Quickspace - Poster

Promo poster to The Death Of Quickspace album release. Stored folded so it has ... more

Domino / UK 2000 Poster VG+/VG+ Alternative 10,- €
Boards of Canada
...mehr Infos zu Boards_of_Canada Postcard

Postcard to the release of the In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country EP. ... more

Warp music70 / UK 2000 Memorabilia Mint Elektro 5,- €
NOFX / Rancid
...mehr Infos zu NOFX_Rancid Poster

Promo poster for the BYO Split Series / Volume III LP. Stored folded so it has ... more

Better Youth Organization / USA 2002 Poster VG+/VG+ Alternative 15,- €
Full Dread
...mehr Infos zu Full_Dread Ecstasy

in orig. company sleeve Tracklist A1 Ecstasy (Comin' At Ya) A2 ... more

Strictly Underground STUR 26 / UK 1993 12inch VG+/VG+ House & Techno 8,- €
Kool & The Gang
...mehr Infos zu Kool_The_Gang Kool And The Gang - Remastered CD

Rare original CD edition of the legendary first Kool And The Gang album, ... more

Mercury 314 532 192-2 / USA 1996 CD VG+/VG+ Soul & Funk 18,- €
Koshi, Miharu
...mehr Infos zu Koshi_Miharu Parallelisme

Japan 80s Synth Pop / Electro. Two surface scratches in the second half of the ... more

Pick Up - Yen LPU 0010 / EEC 1984 LP VG+/VG Experimental 80,- €
Alpha Blondy
...mehr Infos zu Alpha_Blondy Revolution

First USA CD version on Shanachie label ( with no Barcode on flipside). This ... more

Shanachie 43062 / USA 1989 CD VG+/VG+ Reggae 7,- €
Anne Marie
...mehr Infos zu Anne_Marie Be Tough

Ltd Edition tin-box CD incl. insert in beautiful condition. Dub Reggae album ... more

Echo Beach EB005 / GER 2009 CD VG+/VG+ Reggae 8,- €
Various Artists
...mehr Infos zu Various_Artists Steely & Clevie Present Soundboy Clash

Great selection of late 80s & early 90s Dancehall produced by Steely & ... more

Profile Records FILECD 292 / UK 1991 CD VG+/VG+ Reggae 6,- €
Joplin, Janis
...mehr Infos zu Joplin_Janis Farewell Song

Dutch pressing with center booklet and Janis Joplin advertising inner ... more

CBS 88115 / NL 198? LP VG+/VG+ Rock & Pop 20,- €
Joplin, Janis
...mehr Infos zu Joplin_Janis In Concert

Dutch pressing in gatefold cover with CBS company inner sleeves. Former owners ... more

CBS S 67241 / NL 1972 2LP VG/VG+ Rock & Pop 18,- €
Petty, Tom and the Heartbreakers
...mehr Infos zu Petty_Tom_and_the_Heartbreakers Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

German original LP. Tracklisting: A1 Rockin' Around (With You) A2 ... more

Shelter 28 588 XOT / GER 1977 LP VG+/VG+ Rock & Pop 18,- €
...mehr Infos zu Sting The Dream Of The Blue Turtle

Classic album by the former Police singer. Little shadow of a price sticker on ... more

A&M 393 750-1 / GER 1985 LP VG/VG+ Rock & Pop 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Sting Bring On The Night

Double LP by the former Police singer. With printed inner sleeves. ... more

A&M 396705-1 / GER 1986 2LP VG+/VG+ Rock & Pop 10,- €
Szabo, Gabor
...mehr Infos zu Szabo_Gabor High Contrast

CD with light surface marks, plays perfect. In cardboard cover. Feat. Bobby ... more

Verve 065 406-2 - Blue Thumb BTS 28 / USA 2003 CD VG+/VG Jazz 14,- €
Kevin Blechdom
...mehr Infos zu Kevin_Blechdom Eat My Heart Out

CD album in slipcase cover, with Bonus Video. Electronics / IDM by American ... more

Chicks On Speed Records COSR022CD / USA 2005 CD VG+/VG+ Elektro 6,- €
Stylish Nonsense
...mehr Infos zu Stylish_Nonsense Use Your Professor!

CD album with weird freestyle Electronics by the duo from from Thailand. Comes ... more

Smallroom SR107 / THA 2004 CD VG+/VG+ Elektro 6,- €
Chin Up Chin Up
...mehr Infos zu Chin_Up_Chin_Up This Harness Can't Ride Anything

With insert. Tracklisting: A1 This Harness Can't Ride Anything 4:43 A2 ... more

Flameshovel DIG040 / USA 2006 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 6,- €
...mehr Infos zu Kreidler Sport

German Postrock comparable to Tortoise. In company sleeve. Tracklisting: A1 ... more

Finlayson FTV 011 / GER 1995 12inch VG+/VG+ Alternative 6,- €
...mehr Infos zu Lemonade Lemonade

With bonus CD. Cover still in shrink. Electro Rock. Tracklisting: A1 Big ... more

Sunday Best Recordings SBESTLP35 / UK 2009 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 8,- €
Ocher, Mary
...mehr Infos zu Ocher_Mary_ The West Against The People

STILL SEALED LP by the russian Folk / Avantgarde artist. Tracklisting: A1 ... more

Klangbad 73LP / GER 2017 LP SS Alternative 15,- €
Panicburg City
...mehr Infos zu Panicburg_City Panicburg City

Punk from Germany. Blue vinyl incl. postcard with download ... more

JanML Records JanML0016 / GER 2017 LP VG+/Mint- Alternative 9,- €
Evans, Jessie
...mehr Infos zu Evans_Jessie Is It Fire?

Still sealed LP. Just a light bend in upper right corner. 60s Style Exotica / ... more

Fantomette LP 001 / GER 2009 LP SS Alternative 12,- €
Ferraro, Jim
...mehr Infos zu Ferraro_Jim On Air

Double LP with insert. Cover still in shrink. Very nice condition, close to ... more

Underwater Peoples Records UPLP005 / USA 2011 2LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 17,- €
...mehr Infos zu Festland Welt Verbrennt

Deutsch Pop / Alternative LP released in collaboration with the legendary NDW ... more

33rpm Records 016 / GER 2010 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 8,- €
...mehr Infos zu Gaunt Yeah, Me Too

Garage Rock / Punk. Tracklisting: A1 Yeah Me Too 0:54 A2 Now 2:23 A3 ... more

Amphetamine Reptile Records amrep 041 / USA 1995 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 9,- €
Grand National
...mehr Infos zu Grand_National EP 1

Cover with embossed print. Electro Rock. Tracklisting: A1 Peanut Dreams ... more

Sunday Best Recordings Sbest9 / UK 2003 12inch VG+/VG+ Alternative 5,- €
Green, Adam
...mehr Infos zu Green_Adam Aladdin

Solo album of the former Moldy Peaches singer. Cover still in shrink with ... more

Rough Trade - Revolver RDSLP084 / GER 2016 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 15,- €
Invincible Spirit, The
...mehr Infos zu Invincible_Spirit_The Can Sex Be Sin

EBM / Industrial. Tracklisting: A1 Can Sex Be Sin 4:31 A2 Wormland ... more

Century Media 08 9729-1 / GER 1992 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 8,- €
Mike Mareen
...mehr Infos zu Mike_Mareen Hey, Galaxy Man

Italo Disco Tracklisting: A Hey, Galaxy Man B Reach For The Sky ... more

Philips 6003 646 / GER 1977 7inch VG+/VG+ Disco 5,- €
...mehr Infos zu Z-Ro Let The Truth Be Told - Chopped & Screwed

USA original CD version. Thug Rap / Gangsta Rap by Joseph W. McVey from ... more

Rap-A-Lot 4 Life ‎2-68523 / USA 2005 CD Mint-/Mint- Hip Hop 10,- €
Ah! Kosmos
...mehr Infos zu Ah%21_Kosmos Bastards

Digipak CD album. Cover with only light signs od usage but still in beautiful ... more

Denovali Records DEN229 / GER 2015 CD VG+/VG+ Elektro 10,- €
Manic Street Preachers
...mehr Infos zu Manic_Street_Preachers If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next

CD-Single EP with original sticker "Features exclusive tracks Prologue To ... more

Epic EPC 6662472 / UK 1998 CD:Single VG+/Mint- Alternative 4,- €
Various Artists
...mehr Infos zu Various_Artists Space Night Vol. II

Rare original German double CD version with special foldout cardboard sleeve. ... more

Eastwest 0630-16829-2 / GER 1996 2CD VG/VG Elektro 20,- €
A Primary Industry
...mehr Infos zu A_Primary_Industry 7 Hertz

Instrumental Electro Wave / Experimental Wave. Aka API. Tracklisting: A1 ... more

Sweatbox SOX 007 / UK 1985 12inch VG+/VG+ Alternative 9,- €
Cult, The
...mehr Infos zu Cult_The Electric

US original in gatefold cover with printed inner sleeve. Very nice ... more

Sire 9 25555-1 / USA 1987 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 14,- €
Goldenen Zitronen, Die
...mehr Infos zu Goldenen_Zitronen_Die Porsche, Genscher, Hallo HSV

With insert and Weser Label catalogue. Deutsch Punk classic by the band from ... more

Weserlabel EFA 02417 / GER 1987 LP VG+/VG+ Alternative 20,- €
...mehr Infos zu Upstairs Get On A Plane / You're Just Yourself

Funky Disco / Yacht Rock by the band from Germany. Originally released in 1980 ... more

Boogie On The Mainline BOTM-002 / GER 2019 12inch Mint/Mint Disco 13,- €
Winter, Johnny
...mehr Infos zu Winter_Johnny Step Back

Limited seven 7inch box set of the 2014 album. Every single in different ... more

Megaforce MEGA 1696 7B / USA 2014 7x7inch VG+/Mint- Rock & Pop 38,- €
Brahms, Johannes
...mehr Infos zu Brahms_Johannes_ Zwei Sonaten

Played by Jenny Abel, violin and Roberto Szidon, piano. Tracklisting: ... more

Harmonia Mundi 1C 065-99787 / GER 1978 LP VG+/VG+ Classical 9,- €
Edmunds, Dave
...mehr Infos zu Edmunds_Dave Closer To The Flame

US vinyl reissue with Bonus track and different order to first 1989 ... more

Capitol C1-90372 / USA 1990 LP VG+/VG+ Rock & Pop 10,- €
Edmunds, Dave
...mehr Infos zu Edmunds_Dave Information

UK only official 12inch vinyl release with picture sleeve. Cover with small ... more

Arista ARIST 12 532 / UK 1983 12inch VG/VG+ Rock & Pop 4,- €
Edmunds, Dave
...mehr Infos zu Edmunds_Dave Hello From Hollywood

Vinyl version of the Rock album recorded live in Hollywood 1986. Everything in ... more

Great Radio Concert GRC 008 / BEL 1986 LP Mint-/Mint- Rock & Pop 20,- €
Edmunds, Dave Band Live
...mehr Infos zu Edmunds_Dave_Band_Live I Hear You Rockin' sa

USA promo release with the songs taken from the upcoming columbia LP: The Dave ... more

Columbia CAS 2598 / USA 1987 12inch VG+/Mint- Rock & Pop 6,- €
Haigis, Anne
...mehr Infos zu Haigis_Anne Geheime Zeichen

German Pop / Deutschpop with the soulful voice of Anne Haigis. Arranged by ... more

EMI Musikant 1C 066 14 72281 / GER 1987 LP VG/VG+ Soul & Funk 6,- €
Kogan, Leonid / Yehudi Menuhin / David Oistrach / Nathan Milstei
...mehr Infos zu Kogan_Leonid_Yehudi_Menuhin_David_Oistrach_Nathan_Milstei Stradivaris in Meisterhand

German HörZu release with original inner sleeve. Tracklisting: Nathan ... more

HörZu - Electrola SHZE 229 / GER 197? LP VG+/VG+ Classical 12,- €
Polnareff, Michael
...mehr Infos zu Polnareff_Michael Polnareff's

Funky Rock incl. "Voyages" and other Rock Break classics. Cover with a cut-out ... more

Metronome 201.088 / GER 1971 LP VG-/VG+ Rock & Pop 14,- €
Rockpile Featuring Keith Richard
...mehr Infos zu Rockpile_Featuring_Keith_Richard Rockpile Live

Classic Rock album by the Dave Edmunds & Nick Lowe Band with the famous Rolling ... more

Columbia CAS 2598 / ITA 1981 LP Mint-/Mint- Rock & Pop 20,- €
Peebles, Ann
...mehr Infos zu Peebles_Ann I Can't Stand The Rain

Rare german single in picture cover. Record with light surface marks on b-side, ... more

London 6.11553 / GER 1974 7inch VG+/VG Soul & Funk 8,- €
Pickett, Wilson
...mehr Infos zu Pickett_Wilson In The Midnight Hour

German mono original of this Soul classic. Vinyl with no scratches, just a few ... more

Atlantic ATL 8114 / GER 1966 LP VG/VG Soul & Funk 24,- €
Baumann, Hermann
...mehr Infos zu Baumann_Hermann Hermann Baumann, Horn

Test pressing with black / white "Ungeprüftes Muster" labels with type written ... more

Acanta 40.22 752 / GER 198? LP VG+VG+ Classical 12,- €
Beethoven, Ludwig Van
...mehr Infos zu Beethoven_Ludwig_Van Drei Sonaten op. 31

Played by Friedrich Gulda on piano. Tracklisting: Sonate Nr. 16 G-Dur, Op ... more

Decca 6.41840 AG / GER 1970 LP VG+/Mint- Classical 8,- €
Beethoven, Ludwig Van
...mehr Infos zu Beethoven_Ludwig_Van Missa Solemnis

Conducted by Leonard Bernstein, played by The New York Philharmonic ... more

CBS SBRG 72013 / UK 196? LP VG+/VG+ Classical 9,- €
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